Special Events

When planning a special event or gathering, the overall outcome of the event can greatly be affected by having a reputable service to ensure the safety and well-being of the guests in attendance.

Special event security guards will patrol the grounds of your venue to protect attendees, reduce theft and other illegal activities. Our private security guards observe special event attendees to ensure that they are abiding by the laws and rules of the venue.

We work closely with you the client and the facility staff to identify potential risks, vulnerabilities, hazards and possible threats to your event. We then construct an effective event security program to ensure proper coordination, communications and protection of attendees; thus reducing the exposure to risk.

Crowd Management Certified
Under the current law, the requirement for crowd managers has expanded to encompass “all assembly occupancies”. This means if you are having an event you may fall under this definition of “assembly occupancies”, that in the past were not required to have a crowd manager or crowd manager supervisor. Under the new law, you are required to maintain a crowd manager(s). If you are an owner or manager of one of these establishments and you do not currently hold a valid crowd manager license or if you currently have a certificate, then you are out of compliance with the new law. Here’s where we can help. SecurityRI.com has several Certified Crowd Managers on staff that we can have attend your events to keep you safe and in compliance. For rules and guidelines of ratio of trained crowd managers to occupants call us today.

Our security personnel are experienced and well-trained. We provide competent event security guards and security managers. From preparing the initial security details to wrapping it all up, our security guards will be there from start to finish ensuring your event stays secure throughout.

FREE! Web Page tailored to your event
One of the many services SecurityRI.com offers is a FREE web-site page tailored to your event. This page will contain topics like:

Event rules
Safety tips
Lost and found
Upon your approval, your event page will be published. Once published, you will receive a URL like securityri.com/yourevent. This URL can then be promoted by your event and also by SecurityRI.com prior to, as well as during your event to keep your patrons organized and safe.

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