ATM Escorts

Our ATM escorts provide a safe and secure environment for the technicians servicing your ATMs. This allows the technician to safely service the equipment while getting the ATM machine up and running as quickly as possible.

Cash Replenishment
Emergency Cash Replenishment
First Line Maintenance (FLM)
Machine Balancing
ATM repair technicians or bank employees may request armed escorts at any time. ATM Escorts are primarily used for high risk areas or at night while performing:

Also, we can handle all types of Bank Deposits with armed or unarmed couriers. We always ensure same day cash deposit so your money starts working for you immediately. Your deposits go directly from your organization to your bank. Never switching hands, going to a sorting center or being held for a bulk deposit with other companies.

Light Metering Services
Our state-of-the art Light Meter Reading technology enables accurate testing and measuring of light in numerous environments like bank ATMs, office, factory settings, schools, or in stairwells and emergency exits, ambient light testing, security areas, parking lots, and many others.

Safety when using ATMs
In order to ensure that ATM crimes are kept to a minimum, it requires the cooperation of both the bank and the customer. The customer has to exercise some responsibility in safeguarding the PIN and exercising caution when using the ATM. There are basic safety tips that are passed out on standard brochures to customers. These tips include:

Keeping your PIN a secret, which includes not writing it down
Being aware of your surroundings
Parking in a well lit area
Looking around and if something seems suspicious, don’t use that ATM
Not displaying cash


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