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For over 35 years, has been recognized as a leader in private security. Security is core to our business and we are positioned to offer customized private security services to meet the specific needs of any organization with a variety of Industries Served.

Licensed #1, is a full service private security company. The cornerstone of our success is our fervent belief that our employees are our most important asset. We are committed to maintaining a competitive edge in the market place by always demanding excellence in service to our clients. Our years of private security experience enable us to customize our security guards selection, training, services, and management support processes to meet the unique needs of each and every client.

No matter what your private security needs are or what industry you are in, we take your security very seriously. Experienced professional private security guards can reduce incidents of break in, robbery and vandalism by over 50% each year saving you more than it costs to pay for them. See the ROI.

Technology is Redefining the Industry
With the every changing world security is a high priority challenge for any facility. There are a range of threats that may be facing any given facility. Security is a complex matter that goes far beyond a physical officer. As a result, it’s crucial for every corporation to have a thorough understanding of the myriad technologies that can assist in a thorough security plan. is a multi-faceted company that can provide everything for Armed / Unarmed Officers, Patrols, Cash Pickups, Investigations, Security Cameras, Managed Services, Network Security Services, Cyber Security, Cloud & Hosted Services, Data Back-Up, Application Design and Computer Support.

Training & Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certification 
Our commitment to service excellence is what makes us a leader in the private security industry. Our superior service begins with our employees. Well-chosen and properly trained security officers are our most valuable asset. We place an on-going emphasis on security guard recruitment, security guard screening, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certification, Security Guard Training and the continual education of our security professionals. See all our Security Training & Certifications.

GPS Officer Tracking
Employees are GPS tracked by punches made by their “Smartphones”. Management has real-time reporting on the location of our workforce.

Well Marked, Highly Visible Security Vehicles
Our well marked patrol vehicles offer a highly visible and effective way to deter crime; enforce rules and regulations; and foster a general sense of safety, security, and community.

License and Insurances
Before selecting a private security company to protect what you value, make sure that private security company is reputable. Our actual credentials are always visible demonstrating our commitment to your security and assuring clients that the company they are investing in meets or exceeds all of the state requirements. proudly holds Licensed #1 and protects each client with over $10,000,000 of insurance.

Always There  
We know the importance of your security. That’s why our management team and security supervisors can be reached live at anytime of the day. We also patrol all security accounts daily and have adopted a strict Business Continuity Plan. “We pride ourselves in continually keeping businesses and communities safe.”

Long-Term Stability
In an industry now known for continuous change as a result of mergers, acquisitions and sales, is a privately held, US owned, stable presence with consistent leadership that is unmatched in our market.

Security Warning Signs
Security Warning Signs and Security Notice Signs serve as constant reminders of your property or facility’s security presence. These security signs are deterrents for theft and intrusion and give you the comfort of having your property security system posted for all to see. Security on your property is important for many reasons. READ MORE

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