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Backup / Redundancy

SecurityRI’s data protection plans are leveraging the latest innovations of storage and backup solutions. Now you can easily secure your most important business data, emails, and applications from cyber criminals, natural disaster, hardware failures and more.

Cloud Backup
Cloud backup, also known as online backup, is a strategy for backing up data that involves securely sending a copy of your data to an off-site server. What if your computer gets encrypted by a ransom-ware virus? What if your hard drive fails with your important information on it? Avoid extremely expensive and disruptive downtime and let us protect your business-critical information with one of our cloud backup solutions.

Virtual Environment Backup
Backing up your virtual environment can be an encumbering task. From one to hundreds of virtual machines (VM’s), keep copies on-site and in the cloud. Let us leverage our partnerships to streamline your virtual environment backups and guarantee you the least amount of downtime possible.

NAS devices are affordable backup and storage solutions; There are no expensive licenses to purchase. NAS devices offer redundancy using RAID (Redundant Array of Independent or Inexpensive Disks) technology in case of hard drive failures. This simply means that you can use multiple hard drives to back up your data and if one fails, the data on it is already stored on another disk in the array, so all that needs to be done is to replace the disk. You will have peace of mind knowing your data is being backed up regularly and stored at our secure location in Providence RI. Best of all you can access your files anytime and anywhere.

Redundant Backup Servers in Providence RI - Cloud Based
Redundant Backup Servers in Providence RI - Network Attached Servers

“We offer on-site and cloud backup solutions”