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Business Continuity

When businesses experience downtime for any reason, whether it is an everyday disruption, such as a power outage or server failure, or a more extreme disaster, such as an earthquake or flood — they cannot conduct business as usual. And when businesses can’t conduct business as usual, they lose money. Whether you need to take orders from clients, receive and reply to emails, access important data, etc. downtime can have a severe negative impact on the organization. A backup and disaster recovery solution ensures that businesses can quickly get back on their feet after a disaster, so they can keep on chugging along and avoid losing money due to extended downtime.

Preserve Your Reputation and Brand

Downtime can cause much more than just a financial drain on the business — the longer-term reputational costs of downtime could be disastrous. Partners and customers alike could lose trust in a business if it cannot meet basic obligations due to downtime. The reputational costs of downtime may vary among different organizations, but they are significant. Having a proper backup solution in place helps ensure your clients do not experience a loss in reputation due to long periods of downtime.

Added Virus / Ransomware Protection

Undoubtedly you are aware of the havoc that Internet viruses can wreak on your computer. Unfortunately, the amount of devastation caused by viruses continues to grow and if affected, all your documents and files may be permanently destroyed. Performing routine backups on your files is an added measure of security against the threat of Internet viruses.

Ensure Compliance with Industry Regulations

Though the short and long term effects of downtime could prove harmful for any business. The consequences stemming from downtime can be particularly severe for companies in the medical, financial or legal verticals. Also, you may be subject to important industry regulations and other legal requirements, such as HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA. These regulations require businesses to closely safeguard and retain sensitive digital information for immediate access at all times. Backup and disaster recovery ensures organizations do not have to worry about compliance violations and legal issues related to data loss and downtime, so your clients can focus on generating revenue and making your clients happy.

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Cloud Backup

Information is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Our Premium Backup Solution securely stores the data you generate from servers, workstations, databases, enterprise applications, mobile devices, cloud application and virtual machines. All data is stored off-site in an encrypted cloud repository with fully customizable and speed optimized recovery times. We provide a premium scalable and fully compliant private cloud solution with the cost savings of a public solution. Additionally, our solution requires no onsite equipment and integrates all data-protection into a single management interface with 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting.

Redundant Backup Servers in Providence RI - Cloud Based

Local Backup (NAS)

NAS devices are affordable backup and storage solutions; There are no expensive licenses to purchase. NAS devices offer redundancy using RAID (Redundant Array of Independent or Inexpensive Disks) technology in case of hard drive failures. This simply means that you can use multiple hard drives to back up your data and if one fails, the data on it is already stored on another disk in the array, so all that needs to be done is to replace the disk. You will have peace of mind knowing your data is being backed up regularly and stored at our secure location in Providence RI. Best of all you can access your files anytime and anywhere.

Redundant Backup Servers in Providence RI - Network Attached Servers

Virtual Environment Backup

Virtualization can radically simplify management of the entire environment and enable the IT administrator to ― do more with less. Moreover, disaster recovery becomes significantly easier once a business has virtualized, provided the administrator adopts newer, more efficient technologies that are designed to work with the virtual infrastructure.Backing up your virtual environment can be an encumbering task. From one to hundreds of virtual machines (VM’s), keep copies on-site and in the cloud. Let us leverage our partnerships to streamline your virtual environment backups and guarantee you the least amount of downtime possible.



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