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Cyber Security refers to preventative methods used to protect information from being stolen, compromised or attacked. It requires an understanding of potential information threats, such as viruses and other malicious code.

A secure electronic communications infrastructure is vital to a company’s security, stability, and economy. However, the growing frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks present significant challenges to companies worldwide. Among the thousands of cyber attacks occurring daily, the most severe threats are often the silent, multi-staged intrusions, performed by determined and well-funded adversaries, going after carefully chosen high-profile targets. Many of these threats siphon confidential and sensitive information out of highly protected networks, ultimately undermining a company’s security and causing potential liability

Cost associated with an IT security breach will negatively impact your reputation and your brand. Much more costly then outsourcing your IT services to the professionals. IT Security biggest trend in cyber security if that IT leaders or business owners are losing control of their technology.

Technology is rapidly changing each day and leading companies must stay ahead of the intruders. A secure architecture will integrate prediction, prevention, detection and response and develop a safe guard around your network, organization and your company’s image.

Identity management, risk management and incident management:

  • Next Generation Threat Prevention
  • Cyber Security
  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Endpoint Security
  • Public and Private Cloud
  • Security Management
  • Mobile Security
  • Cyber Training
The Business Impacts
Above the Surface

  • Customer breach notifications
  • Post-breach customer protection
  • Regulatory compliance (fines)
  • Public relations/crisis communications
  • Attorney fees and litigation
  • Cybersecurity improvements
  • Technical investigations
Below the Surface

  • Insurance premium increases
  • Increased cost to raise debt
  • Operational disruption or destruction
  • Lost value of customer relationships
  • Value of lost contract revenue
  • Devaluation of trade name
  • Loss of intellectual property
IT Security

That’s why our training solutions include several topics covering the most important issues, from basic principles to best practices. We can even help you develop your own unique information security awareness training courses, targeting your organization’s specific needs.

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Make it secure and make it stick

We offer an array of trainings to help your staff embrace secure behavior and adopt best practices. Our trainings enable your employees to understand and apply best practices to IT matters. It emphasizes the importance of protecting confidential data and propriety information. We keep the trainings simple, so your employees will enjoy IT and retain IT.

 Need help creating your courses?

Our talented and extremely knowledgeable information security professionals work with your team to solve your challenges and build a program that is right for you. We work to create a training program customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. The resulting course will focus on changing behaviors and reducing risk caused by your employees’ actions, making them your organization’s strongest links while protecting your brand / image.

Thought Leadership

July 15, 2015 After the latest cyber attack, which compromised over 21 million Americans’ personal data, ABC 6 interviewed the experts at SecurityRI in hopes that local companies gain awareness of the threat potential in hopes they take measures to prevent it for happening to them.SEE MORE

August 20, 2015 URI is warning current and former students of a security data incident involving email accounts. The University has launched an investigation after about 3,000 University email accounts were inappropriately collected, ABC 6 interviewed the experts at SecurityRI in hopes to inform all students of their next steps to take.SEE MORE

May 29, 2016 Hundreds of Rhode Island Blood Center employees’ social security numbers and other sensitive information has been exposed, following an e-mail phishing scam. Jon Volatile with says this is becoming all too common as hackers get more sophisticated, masking their e-mail addresses as people you would trust. SEE MORE

June 21, 2017 The personal information of 198 million American voters was vulnerable online for days, stored on an unsecured server by Deep Root Analytics, a media analytics firm that was hired by the Republican National Committee. WPRI Channel 12 interviewed our Operations Manager, Gian Gentile his thoughts regarding the breach and how we can protect ourselves. SEE MORE

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Cyber Security Company in Providence RI –

Cyber attackers exploit vulnerabilities or blind spots in your web apps, systems, networks, mobile apps, your suppliers and your people through phishing, malware, SQL injection, XSS, CSRF and other attack vectors. To help you defend against cyber attacks we will conduct a rapid, comprehensive information risk assessments to accurately define your company’s security posture. Our assessments are customized to the size of your business and to your type of industry.


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