Patrol Services

Patrol Services

More and more security is becoming a major concern for virtually every business owner. Security is no longer optional and adequate security can positively help employee retention, provide a competitive advantage and improve the bottom line. Unfortunately small businesses sacrifice security because of tight budgets.

A security patrol is fully customized to meet your needs, whether you require a high frequency security patrol or a specific visit to monitor and secure your property 24 hours a day.

Our patrol service clients have the comfort of knowing that a high quality, professional organization is watching their facility. In addition to the contracted patrols and security services, every security is frequently visited by a Security Supervisor at no extra charge. Our highly visible security patrol can provide a strong deterrent to criminal activity at your residence or place of business.

Our security patrol service provides customers with regular patrol of facilities on the schedule set by our clients. The patrol officer will visit the site, inspect the property and provide our client with reports and information about the inspection. If problems or safety hazards are observed, our patrol officer will make the required notifications and remain at the site until the adequate remedy is provided, discouraging criminals from targeting your site. Our Mobile Security Supervisors are specially selected and trained for their duties, and maintain an excellent driving record. Our experienced Mobile Security Supervisors have an unsurpassed track record of satisfied clients.

Green “Security” Lighting

Security lights are used as a preventive measure to deter intruders, or in some cases simply to increase the feeling of safety. adheres to the official security light color of green. Unlike many of our competitors that use the off the shelf orange and yellow lights that can cause people to think there is something wrong in that area or an accident. Our green light signify there is a professional security presence and all is calm and safe in the area.

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