Smart Guards

Security Guard Checkpoint System

It could never be more simple and real-time!

Our security guards will use our smartphones to scan your building’s (QRcode, Beacons or NFC tags), scan QR codes, pass the smartphone above NFC or scan Beacons from distance and a patrol event will be visible in the QR-Patrol web application in real-time. It simply means:

  • Higher security level for both security guards and assets. Our guard’s can take immediate action in a case of alert.
  • No need for special security guard equipment (only a smartphone!)
  • High reliability –  our clients can now receive email alerts when their buildings/assets are checked by security officers.
SecurityRI Smartphone

GPS Tracking

Help prevent costly losses and accidents by using our SMART Guard services. We can ensure our guards and team are completing patrols accordingly.

How it Works?

We have our Security Team scope out your site / location. Based on what needs to be patrolled, we’ll sensor your location. Our technology team will then create a GEO-fenced area, so we can successfully secure your location.

Our Guards are Now Mobile and Always Connected

Our team can provide detailed SMART Guard reports, including:

  • Daily Activity
  • Incidents
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Unusual Activity
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Trends & Analytics Incident Trends & Analytics tool add value to what our clients receive when choosing our SMART Guard service. Our reports help drive maximum client return on their security budget by suggesting the optimal use of security solutions to mitigate the overall risk level at your site.


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