Hackers – A Network’s Worst Nightmare

hackerIn the world of technology, there has been a development of computer criminals which jeopardize our digital safety known as hackers. Hackers are individuals who seek and exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a computer system or network. These cyber-attackers typically have an advanced understanding of computer hardware, software, and programming. Hackers may either act alone as lone wolves or be part of a larger group with an organized mission and clear objectives, such as: Anonymous, DERP, Hackweiser, RedHack, and Lizard Squad. Regardless, hackers are dangerous to businesses of all sizes. (more…)

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Maintaining a Secure Network

secure networkTechnology is continuing to advance at an exponential rate. Hardware is more powerful, software is simpler, and coding is more efficient. Hackers and other cyber criminals are also getting more intelligent and discovering new methods to disrupt and steal information from networks of companies of all sizes. Business owners need to ensure that their companies are prepared both in the present and in the future to maintain a secure network. (more…)

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Why a Network Audit Could Save a Business

network auditModern businesses depend on networks to function properly. In the highly technological age in which we live, a safe and secure network is essential to business continuity because networks are a part of the organization’s critical infrastructure. If you are unsure about the safety of your company’s network, then a network audit could save your business. A network audit successfully discloses the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities which could devastate a company’s assets. (more…)

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