network auditModern businesses depend on networks to function properly. In the highly technological age in which we live, a safe and secure network is essential to business continuity because networks are a part of the organization’s critical infrastructure. If you are unsure about the safety of your company’s network, then a network audit could save your business. A network audit successfully discloses the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities which could devastate a company’s assets.


Fact of the matter is that many computer and network systems are not safe without network security services. Computer systems and networks may contain vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities are weaknesses which reduce the level of security of a computer or networking system. A company’s entire computer and network systems could have vulnerabilities. A network audit can help expose these vulnerabilities early. Information learned from a successful network audit can determine the proper security strategies required to eliminate, prevent, and mitigate the damage from vulnerabilities.

New network security threats and vulnerabilities are discovered daily. It is possible that nearly 100 new network security threats can be created in a single month. Just because a business’ network setup did not have any vulnerability this month, does not mean it will still be secure next month. It is good practice to regularly evaluate network security.


People understand the need to lock their homes, roll up their car windows, and guard their purses and wallets. Why? If these precautions aren’t taken, it increases the risk of becoming a victim. People are realizing that the same is true with computers and networks. A single hacker can scan thousands of computers and networks looking for ways to access private information. Network security is vital to protecting sensitive information and maintaining business operations.

All companies are at risk. Contrary to popular belief, the smaller companies are actually at a higher risk for cyber and network threat frequency than the larger corporations. Having a security company perform a network audit is a great first step to answering these questions. When dealing with network threats, it is a gamble because they are unpredictable in nature. Threats could exist in an operating system, the software a business runs, a router/firewall, or any other system running on a computer or network. Resources might be limited for many companies, especially the smaller ones, but the best network security companies will offer a free network audit for their clients.

The Price is Right

The first network audit should always be free. If a private security company is trustworthy, then they will only sell your company the needed services. A network audit provides both parties with professional and tangible results, which will allow the two parties to discuss security strategies for the future. A free network audit removes the pressure of purchasing security services that may not be required for a safe working network. Typically, if a business is willing to audit your company free of charge, then they truly care about the security that your business requires and are not solely focused on the profits.