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Why Active Security is the Key to Excellent Protection

Active Security

Security Officer performing an active security patrol.

We all know the old stereotype – security guards get paid to sleep at their stations and in their cars. This stereotype describes passive security. Passive security simply is not effective at maintaining safety and protecting assets, people, and property. The world needs active security. The best security services consist of active security officers constantly ensuring present and future safety. Private security is a massive field consisting of over one million security officers in the United States alone. Every single one of these security officers should practice active security strategies. (more…)

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Why Paying for the Best Security is Worth It

rear view at security guard next to grey wall

Security is one of the largest industries in the world. Whether it is The Department of Homeland Security defending the homeland from terrorism or a private security company protecting a business plaza from vandalism, having the best security is important. Security means safety. The better the security services are, the safer we will feel. Security services can be expensive. While there are some other less expensive options, it may be worth it to entertain the more expensive options. (more…)

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The Future of Security – Complete Security Companies

complete securitySecurity has become a top priority across all industries. The industry of private security is constantly growing every year, month, and day. When it comes to security threats, the risks vary from location to location. Private security has been constantly evolving, requiring complete security companies to come forth in order to take care of all of their clients’ security needs and desires. Whether it is physical security or computer security or both, complete security companies will have the most comprehensive services to offer. (more…)

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The Efficiency of CCTV Security Cameras

cctvClosed Circuit Television (CCTV) involves the use of video surveillance cameras to transmit data and signals from one location to a monitor and database in another location.  CCTV security systems can be wired or wireless, onsite or offsite, and monitored or unmonitored.  There are numerous designs and types of CCTV security camera systems available.  Regardless of which type of security camera system is selected, having a CCTV security system installed is an efficient investment for every organization. (more…)

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