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What the Events in Ferguson, Missouri Have Taught Us about Private Security


Protests Flare After Ferguson No Indictment DecisionIn the United States, there are always going to be controversial events which occur.  When the results of these controversial events are established, there will always be both public agreement and public disagreement.  The more controversial the event is, the more intense the reaction will be from the public.  The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was one of the most controversial that has recently taken place and was discussed in the media every day ever since the event occurred back in August.  When there are events that could result in the public becoming angry and upset, leading to rioting and dangerous protesting, there is a greater chance for wrongdoing, which increases the need for private security services in affected areas. (more…)

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Successful Private Security Companies Hire Veterans

With a turnover rate which is well above average, the field of private security struggles to maintain a steady and consistent workforce of officers.  Many of the unsuccessful private security companies will focus on hiring those individuals who will work for the cheapest rate.  This is an unsuccessful hiring practice which negatively affects both the security guards and the private security company.  The best hiring practices are ones that hire veterans.  When a private security company chooses to hire veterans, it helps to maintain stability within the company.  Additionally, veterans offer many different abilities and skills which make them ideal candidates for a position within a private security company. (more…)

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Access Control – Effective and Essential Security

access controlAccess control is the selective restriction of entrance into a particular area.  Access control security systems are used all over the world.  The most common access control security systems are electronic and are connected to a central database which stores information from all individual units.  Whether you own a business or are the head of a university’s police department, access control is the most efficient and cost-effective approach to keeping assets, people, and property safe and secure. (more…)

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Don’t Hire Cheap Security Services

cheap security guardsPrivate security guards are considered peace officers by law.  This means that although private security guards are not able to make arrests, they can, and usually do, confront potentially dangerous and risky situations.  These situations could be suspicious or criminal activity which is displayed on the client’s property.  It is important that these scenarios are properly handled by both the security officer on the ground and the executive management team in the office.  Hiring cheap security services creates a massive safety risk which can put clients’ assets, personnel, and property at risk.  Cheap security is poor security. (more…)

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