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The Benefits of a Local Private Security Company

blog1When an organization is considering hiring private security personnel, it is important to consider contracting with a local private security guard company.  A local private security company will conveniently be able to provide an informational session explaining the security services which are provided.  Local private security companies are more familiar with the client’s area and will be able to provide a security guard who is already familiar with the location.  Hiring a local private security company also allows the management staff and executives to more easily communicate in-person which can create a more effective and positive business relationship between the two organizations. (more…)

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The Value of Communication with a Private Security Guard Company

eliWhen an organization decides to utilize the services of a contracted private security guard company, it is vital that the two organizations effectively communicate back and forth.  Naturally, the private security guard company contacts an organization offering services or the organization calls the private security guard company requesting security services.  This process of effective communication should begin long before the contract is signed between the organization and the private security guard company and be effectively maintained throughout the partnership. (more…)

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The Role of Private Security in Providence, RI

_DSC0021Founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, Providence, Rhode Island is one of the oldest cities in the United States.  Providence is the home to approximately 178,000 people and also contains countless public and private organizations.  The Providence Police department is the local public safety agency responsible for enforcing laws while protecting and securing the people within the boundaries of Providence. (more…)

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Private Security Guards and Deterring Crime

security carCrime prevention is an extremely difficult task because crime has always been occurring and will continue to occur as long as humans exist.  The best efforts of crime prevention work towards deterring criminal activity.  Law enforcement agencies across the United States are constantly trying to figure out new ways to deter people from committing crimes.  What most people fail to conceive is the effectiveness of a uniformed private security guard and his or her ability to deter criminal activity.  (more…)

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