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A Hacker’s Recipe for Successful Security Breaches

security breachesSecurity breaches happen every day all around the world. Experienced and intelligent hackers will not randomly select victims. The best cyber criminals will find the most vulnerable people and businesses to expose. Security breaches occur when there is a lack of strong and effective protection and potential for high reward. We have outlined the hacker’s recipe for an ideal security breach. (more…)

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Access Control Systems – A Must Have for Security

access-controlAccording to the Department of Homeland Security, access control is integrated security technologies that helps prevent victimization through asset monitoring, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and restricted areas. Private security companies put heavy emphasis on access control because of its importance to complete security. Physical access control systems are necessary to protect assets and cyber access control systems are critical for protecting sensitive information. (more…)

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5 Recent Cyber-Security Breaches to Learn From

cyber-securitySecurity breaches occur every day all around the world. Cyber-security breaches are extremely dangerous for the targeted companies and the customers of those companies. Sensitive data and personal information which is compromised in a security breach can be used to steal somebody’s identity and assets. Here are the top five recent cyber-security breaches that we should learn from. (more…)

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6 Mac Security Tips to Avoid Disaster

mac securityMac versus PC

An Apple Macintosh (Mac) is both similar and different to Microsoft’s Personal Computer (PC). A Mac and a PC are both computer systems that rely on both hardware and software to operate. Macs typically run a different Operating System (OS) than the PCs. A Mac uses OS X and a PC uses Microsoft’s Windows. With 99% of the world’s computers being PCs, many people are familiar with PC security while the remaining one percent is left out of the conversation. Here are some useful Mac security tips. (more…)

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