Corona Virus has pushed the entire world down to its knees and has sparked chaos in businesses and economies worldwide. Since the medical sector is still struggling to find a cure, businesses have a narrow choice to either follow the safety protocols or fall prey to business interruptions.

Most businesses are struggling to follow the precautions issued by the health experts and the federal / local governments. The best way to avoid the heavy penalties imposed by the administration against the violations of these safety measures is to appoint security guards to help enforce them.

The security guard roles have evolved ever since the pandemic started. In this new scenario, a well-trained security team not only guards your business against a physical threat but can also assist in the health safety of your employees.

Wondering about the role of security during COVID-19? Let’s find out;

General Public Safety

It has been made clear by health officials that social distancing / masks are the only weapon against the spread of this deadly virus. Adhering to this precaution can get burdensome if there are many inflowing customers. However, a security guard role is paramount here.

Social Distancing

Hiring security guards during COVID-19 can take this burden off of your business. A security guard positioned at the entrance can control the flow of customers entering the store, ensuring proper social distancing inside the store.

Daily health checks are heavily recommended. A security guard stationed at the entrance will also take temperature checks and sanitize the customers entering the shop, organization, or a corporate building. A security team will also make sure that every visitor and employee is wearing a mask.

Making Proper Workplace Arrangements

All the employees in any organization have the right to reasonable seating. However, under the safety measures asking people to maintain social distancing and use a mask when interacting, seating your employees may become a hassle, especially with people with hearing disabilities or breathing difficulties. People with such health conditions may not be able to maintain social distancing or wear a mask throughout the day.

Looking out for such workers may not be possible for the managers themselves.

Security guards will be your ground force in such conditions. A security guard interacts with every employee from top-to-bottom level every day. They can help identify such employees and assist the organization make suitable arrangements for them, ensuring their corporation’s safety.

Guarding Health Care

Health care security teams have raised their bars by helping organizations and governments combat this pandemic onsite level. Security teams can be appointed, especially in the medical sectors, to cordon off the isolation zones. Security teams can also ensure safe passages for doctors and paramedical staff to-and-from the other isolation zones.

It is the responsibility of security guard placed inside the hospital to make sure that other patients or visitors do not come in contact with Covid-19 patients by patrolling those parts of the hospital. Alternate routes to transfer patients or paramedics within the hospital may also be required. Such a task can only be performed by a well-trained security team.

Implementing the SOPs

Even in such times, when Covid-19 has spread to every corner of the world, and around half a million people have fallen prey to this contagion, some people are still not ready to accept it and follow the essential SOPs.

Arguing with such people or forcing the standard procedures over them will only create a scene at your workplace, store, or corporate office. You definitely don’t want that!

A well-trained security team can take care of this and will put your mind at ease. A pair of security guards can be stationed at the entrance where every customer violating the SOPs can be stopped at the entrance. A security guard can provide face masks to visitors, and if one refuses to follow the necessary guidelines, security officers can turn them away without causing a scene as they are trained to handle such conditions smoothly.

Most people would put on a face mask just to enter the premises. Once they are in, they would make no delay in removing the mask or gloves. A patrolling security guard or a team (in large malls, retail stores, and large corporations) can keep a lookout for such violators.

This will not only keep your employees and visitors safe but will also make sure you’re compliant with the local authorities over violation of SOPs at your business location.

Suggest Improvements

Just like a marketing team knows how to sell a product, only a well-trained security team can put effective and proper safety protocols in place.

Security teams are trained to observe events as closely as possible. Therefore they know what works and what needs to be improved. Security will make recommendations to adjust or update the safety protocols.

For example, your security team can recommend to set up hand sanitizing stations for visitors at different places or to have floor markings at points where a crowd might get collected. A sharp lookout by security can help identify such loopholes and help a business improve its safety measures during Covid-19.

Ensuring a Safe Lockdown

It’s been almost a year since the pandemic started, and in many places, the lockdowns are still in place. Local authorities and businesses in many countries have started the practice of mobile security, where a team of security patrols the streets to ensure all the closed shops and stores remain safe from all kinds of burglary / vandalism.

SecurityRI Patrol Vehicle

These security guards also perform checks on shops and retail stores, ensuring their surveillance, locking panels, and other safety equipment is functioning properly. These checks are also carried out on fire alarm systems to ensure they will perform their job when needed.

Role of a Security Officer during COVID-19

In closing, the role of a security officer and proper security company is much needed. Not only when businesses are closed, although to assist with the spike in Covid-19 compliance.

The importance of security during COVID-19 is nonnegotiable. If you are a local or national business, a retail store, non-profit, etc. – please feel free to contact SecurityRI for security assistance during Covid-19.

We operate live, 24/7/365 and here to assist our fellow businesses in need.

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