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Halloween Security Strategies and Tips

halloween safetyHalloween is an exciting time of year for all. It is especially exciting for the children who go trick-or-treating. Halloween can also pose safety dangers and security threats. Halloween security is very important, especially when we talking about protecting children. Even after trick-or-treating hours, there is mischief which takes place around the country. Safety is always the primary concern. Here are some Halloween security strategies and tips you can use to stay safe on Halloween night. (more…)

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5 Keys to Providing Professional Security Services

professional securityProfessional security is not easy to come across. There is a reason that stereotypes exist for security guards. The best private security companies always put the clients’ needs first, after safety of the public and employees of course. Professionalism is about exceptional service. Elite service stems from excellent management through strong leadership. It starts at the top. Professional security officers will follow their professional leaders. Here are five key factors to ensuring that the best professional security services are being provided. (more…)

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Why Private Security is the Key to National Security

national securitySecurity is one of the world’s largest industries. From cyber security to physical security, private security companies play a large role in defending the homeland. Maintaining a high level of national security is not the sole responsibility of the United States’ federal government. It is also the responsibility of every private security company. The best private security companies have a passion for national security issues, and are willing to do their part. (more…)

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Why Active Security is the Key to Excellent Protection

Active Security

Security Officer performing an active security patrol.

We all know the old stereotype – security guards get paid to sleep at their stations and in their cars. This stereotype describes passive security. Passive security simply is not effective at maintaining safety and protecting assets, people, and property. The world needs active security. The best security services consist of active security officers constantly ensuring present and future safety. Private security is a massive field consisting of over one million security officers in the United States alone. Every single one of these security officers should practice active security strategies. (more…)

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