Top Social Media Security Risks for Businesses & How to Avoid


We live in a world today that everyone and most businesses use social media. Although, social media is great we need to ensure safety when using it. For instance, only 28% of the social network users update their privacy settings. Not updating your privacy setting or careless actions may lead to security breaches.

Here you will find the TOP  social media security risks for businesses and how you may avoid them:

  1. Human Error – Human error is the most common social media security threat. Disgruntled employees airing their dirty laundry or sharing inappropriate photos can put your company at risk, along with harming your reputation.
  2. Social Scams & Phishing AttacksPhishing attempts are up this year by 150%. Scammers are focusing on accounts because they can target hundreds of thousands of people at once, but also blend in with the crowd.
  3. Malicious Apps – The internet is filled with malicious software and it’s only getting worse. Spyware, for example, is any software that collects personal information or sends spam ads without your consent.
  4. Malware Attacks & Hacks
  5. Not Paying Attention on Social Media – Not being aware of your followers, receiving spam emails, etc.

Tips on How to Avoid

  1. Create a Social Media Policy for your business: Consider including guidelines on how to:
    • Create a secure password
    • Avoid spam, phishing attacks, and human error
    • Share on-brand and approved content
    • Engage properly on behalf of the brand
    • Avoid social media platforms’ default privacy and security settings
    • Proceed in the event of an attack
  2. Limit Social Media Access – Only give publishing access to employees who have been fully trained in the social policy, procedures, and technologies that protect your brand.
  3. Establish Training – Reinforce your social media policy with in-depth training. This will bring any potential issues or gaps in security to light.
  4. Put Someone in Charge or Outsource – Social media is a full time job. At least one person should be fully trained and educated in social media best practices or you can outsource to a reputable company.
  5. Invest in Secure Technology – With policy and education behind you, technology is the final piece of armor against social media security threats. Arm yourself with security software that automatically checks for malware, worms, viruses, and other cyber risks. Secure login information using passwords stronger than ‘Password1234’

In closing, social media opens a world of opportunity for your business to grow and connect with customers. Arm yourself against threats and go forward knowing you’ve done everything in your power to protect your business.

Be Safe!