Don’t Wait – Build a Cyber Security Risk Plan

cyber vulnerabilitiesNo matter how small or how large a company may be, there is always at least one cyber security risk that is present. The significance of this cyber security risk does relate to the size of and the resources available to the company. Hackers have many options as to how they will target and attack a corporation. A properly constructed cyber security risk management plan from a complete security company puts a strategy in place to help protect against and mitigate the damage from cyber security attacks. (more…)

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Cloud Security – Protection from Virtual Threats

cloud securityCloud security has emerged as a growing subcategory of cyber security services, network security services, and information technology (IT) security services. Essentially, cloud security focuses on protecting sensitive data, important applications, and critical infrastructure which businesses rely on every day. Cloud security services could be the difference between a secure or vulnerable business. (more…)

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New Year’s Resolution – A Physically Safe Workplace

security-guard-salaryThe welcoming of 2015 means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. A great resolution for a business is to better ensure a safer workplace environment for its employees. The workplace can present many dangers. With many businesses staying busy maintaining business operations, the focus of safety and security of the employees and clients is often forgotten and overlooked.  People need to feel safe when they go to work. Take the steps towards this New Year’s resolution and ensure a safe workplace with the help of private security services. Private security companies offer a variety of services to help you protect and secure the workplace environment from unauthorized entrances, the loss of assets, and workplace violence. (more…)

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