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Security Cameras – Prevention

security camera 1Many organizations decide that their prevention strategies could use a more modern upgrade rather than only having general private security services.  Some organizations do not have a structured system of security.  This can be problematic for both the safety of the employees and the protection of the assets and property of the business.  Employees want to feel safe at the workplace and business owners want to protect their property from being vandalized, stolen, or damaged.  Having both indoor and outdoor security cameras installed is an excellent tactic for preventing wrongful acts on the property of an organization. (more…)

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Unarmed Security Services and Deterrence

unarmed securityThere are individuals, neighborhoods, and organizations in need of private security services all over the world.  However, many of these people and companies do not want any type of firearm to be at the premises that are in need of security.  There is a great need for unarmed security services, yet there are private security guard companies that remain hesitant to accept such a condition due to the potential safety risks it puts on the security officer.  With an above average job mortality rate, the firearm is usually for the safety of the security guard for situations involving self-defense from severe and imminent bodily harm.  Effective private security services help to deter criminal actions from occurring at the client’s location.  This mission can still be accomplished with unarmed security guards.  There are many factors that correlate to deterring criminal wrongdoing from occurring at a specific location. (more…)

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Private Beach Security in RI

beach securityRhode Island, better known as “The Ocean State”, has hundreds of public and private beaches throughout the state.  Whether it’s your friend’s backyard or the local town’s public beach, people swarm these areas when the weather is warm to swim, play volleyball, tan, relax, and enjoy the sound of the crashing waves onto the shore.  Unfortunately, many private beach owners are regularly plagued by trespassers performing many illegal activities on their property.  Regarding private beach security, it is the responsibility of the property owners to call the local police department when people are trespassing on the property.  Hiring a security guard to provide private beach security services in Rhode Island can deter beachgoers from trespassing on private property. (more…)

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Private Security Guards – The Importance of Teamwork

10659171_762149190516241_7548580672884713832_nTeamwork is often defined by the combined actions completed by a group of people working together.  Teamwork is important in every successful organization.  For private security companies, teamwork is the foundation to maintaining efficient security services.  The entire security team should always show a strong display of teamwork.  The security guards, the supervisors, the office managers, and the clients must all work as a unified team in order to maximize the effectiveness of the private security services. (more…)

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