5 Tips When Securing Your Website

Website breaches happen every day, and we’re noticing many avoidable methods when they occur. During this blog, SecurityRI will point out five major key points when securing your website.

  1. Make sure your passwords are secure

It’s temping to go with the easy passwords, such as ABC or 123. Although, hackers can crack the common passwords within the blink of an eye. Ensure you’re using passwords with special characters and non-related to your user name, business or personal information.

  1. Use HTTPS

As a consumer, you may already know what a “secure” website looks like. It’s the “green” lock within the URL. If you have an online store, or if any part of your website will require visitors to hand over sensitive information like credit card numbers, you must invest in an SSL certificate. The cost to you is minor, but the extra level of encryption it offers will keep your customers safe along with your reputation. (more…)