Security Guard Hiring

Proper Security Guard Screening

hire-meHiring a security guard company is an important decision for an organization to make.  When hiring a private security guard, many businesses decide to enter into a contractual agreement with a private security company.  A typical mistake organizations make when hiring a security guard through a private security company is that the organization tends to not care who the assigned security guard is.  The “as long as somebody is there” mentality is not an intelligent approach.  Before signing the contract, an organization should ensure that the private security company has a proper security guard screening procedure in order to ensure that qualified individuals are assigned to the site. (more…)

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Private Security Guards – The Common Denominator for Safety and Asset Protection


edsAn organization may ask itself, “Why do we need private security guards?”  Even when a business may seem as if it is not at risk for criminal activity, there are many other incidents which may occur which a business owner may not even be aware of.

An organization may believe, “Well, the police are consistently driving around and are likely to deter and/or see any illegal activity on the property.”  To an extent, this may be true.  However, fact is that there are twice as many private security guards in the United States as there are police officers.  The routes commonly taken by police can often be predicted by intelligent individuals who are looking for a location to vandalize or to commit larceny at.  The presence of a uniformed private security guard deters illegal activity in a more cost-efficient manner.  (more…)

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