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Private Security Officers – Breaking the Stereotype

wwwwHistorically, private security officers have been referred to as “Rent-a-cops”, “Want-to-be-cops”, and thanks to Hollywood, “Mall-cops”.  There appears to be a comparison between private security officers and police officers.  Fact of the matter is that each career is very different due to the sector of work.  Private security officers are part of the private sector, work for private companies, and are paid by an employer.  Police officers are part of the public sector, work for the town or state, and are paid by the state.  Therefore, to compare the two professions with one another by using such labels is ignorant. (more…)

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Tips from Private Security for Securing Residences and Businesses

officer perryPrivate security companies will be the first to tell you that there are many factors that increase the risk of becoming victimized to the crime of burglary or larceny.  The first important factor to keep in mind is the weather.  It may sound strange, but according to the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Federal Bureau of Investigations, criminal activity has a strong positive correlation with temperature.  Therefore as the temperature increases, so does criminal activity.  The next condition to be aware of is the time of year.  Criminal activity tends to increase during the holiday season.  The weeks leading up to both Christmas and Hanukkah are particularly dangerous.  During these holidays, potential criminals are aware of the abundance of presents and expensive objects which may be present in the majority of households and/or organizations.  (more…)

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Armed Private Security in RI – Mitigation and Prevention

Armed School GuardsThe number one priority in life is protecting it by creating a safe and secure environment.  Unfortunately, the United States of America is one of the most violent countries per capita.  Violent acts are often unpredictable and devastating.  In order to mitigate and prevent acts of violence, many inquire to private security guard companies regarding armed private security services.  (more…)

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Secure the Workplace with Private Security Services

workplace securityWhen you wake up in the morning and leave the comfort of your home to go to work, you expect to be safe once arriving to work.  The fact of the matter is, the workplace can be dangerous.  Often in many organizations, the focus is so heavily steered towards maintaining optimum business operations that the safety and security of the employees and clients is forgotten.  People need to feel safe when they go to work.  Take the steps towards preventing hazards and secure the workplace environment with private security services.  Private security companies offer a variety of services to help you protect and secure the workplace environment from unauthorized entrances, the loss of assets, and workplace violence. (more…)

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