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New Year’s Resolution – A Safe Workplace

safer workplaceThe welcoming of 2015 means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions.  A great resolution for a business is to better ensure a safe workplace environment for its employees.  The fact of the matter is, the workplace can present many dangers.  With many businesses staying busy maintaining business operations, the focus of safety and security of the employees and clients is often forgotten and overlooked.  People need to feel safe when they go to work.  Take the steps towards this New Year’s resolution and ensure a safe workplace with the help of private security services.  Private security companies offer a variety of services to help you protect and secure the workplace environment from unauthorized entrances, the loss of assets, and workplace violence. (more…)

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New Year Security Services Ensure a Safe Environment

new year

The month of December is always very exciting because of the holiday season.  Although the holiday season is typically filled with joy, there is also mischief and misconduct which occurs.  New Year’s Eve into New Year’s Day perhaps requires the greatest attention when ensuring safety in the community and surrounding environment.  New Year security services from a private security company can help in both residential communities and environments with large gatherings.  To ensure safety this holiday season, consider the New Year security services offered by private security guard companies. (more…)

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Holiday Security Services – Safeguarding Properties

holiday grinch securityAs the holidays rapidly approach, it is the season of giving for most individuals, but it is also the season of taking for criminals.  Whether you own a private business, a residential complex, or a house, there is a higher risk of larceny and unlawful entry onto your property during the holiday season.  Holiday security services from a private security guard company can help to deter offenders from taking the gifts meant for loved ones and employees, ensuring a safe holiday season for clients. (more…)

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Criminal Justice Students as Private Security Guards

criminal justice blogCriminal justice has become one of the most popular fields of study for college students in the United States.  Many criminal justice undergraduate and graduate students pursue careers with local, state, and federal law enforcement and correctional departments and agencies.  Whether criminal justice students are interested in working for their hometown police department, a maximum security prison, or with the United States federal government, working as a private security officer can teach valuable lessons that can be utilized in the future. (more…)

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