Secure Construction Site from Theft

Construction Job Site Theft: Preventing Construction Job Site Theft

Construction job site security has become an essential matter for construction companies due to rising construction job site theft and vandalism. Efficient construction site supervision and safety measures are necessary, specifically during the last stages of a construction project, as there are valuable equipment and many expensive materials present on the site of construction.

The threats of security to the construction sites involve the loss of worker possessions and valuable machinery. It might also lead to injury if the trespassers happen to intrude a sensitive area or come in contact with a potentially hazardous material. Vandalism and construction job site theft do not only mean a loss of budget but also a long pause in the construction process. This results in the late and expensive deliverance of the project.

However, these consequences can be avoided through the help of appropriate and effective construction site security. For preventing construction theft – risk assessment of the construction site must include effective security measures for timely actions.

Question: How Common Are Construction Job Site Theft?
Question: How Common Are Construction Job Site Theft?

Question: How Common Are Construction Job Site Theft?

Answer: According to statistics, about $1 billion is lost every year due to construction site theft, with less than 20% of this stolen equipment is recovered. This makes construction companies suffer a financial burden, and project progress is slowed down on the job site.

Expensive machinery, valuable materials such as lumber, copper, and costly work tools attract many thieves because a construction site tends to be an easy target with these valuable items lying around.

Therefore, investing in security measures to prevent construction job site theft is a serious matter that should not be avoided. It will assist from financial burden but also improves your company’s reputation in the industry.

Question: What Are Some Common Construction Job Site Theft Forms?
Question: What Are Some Common Construction Job Site Theft Forms?

Question: What Are Some Common Construction Job Site Theft Forms?

Answer: There are many construction site theft forms. Some of the most common construction job site theft in RI and other states include the following:

1.   Handheld Equipment

It’s obvious that small handheld tools easily go missing, as stealing them doesn’t require a significant effort. A thief might be able to readily steal those tools in their jackets, pockets and escape from the construction job site before anyone notices.

2.   Big-Sized Equipment and Machinery

While small tools are easily and often stolen, heavy equipment theft is also common. Stealing bulldozers or tractors get a bit complicated, but anyone who really wants to drive away with them can devise techniques and get away with one quite ordinarily.

3. Lumber

Thieves realize the importance of woods. They’re expensive, which is why they’re common targets for construction job site theft. Sites easily become a culprit for wood theft.

4.   Expensive Metals

Metals like copper, is extremely valuable and worth a pretty penny; therefore, they might easily become the target if present at the job site. Thieves would steal the metals and resell them for profit. Metallic roofs also come with some monetary value, so it is vital to have security monitor such materials.

5.   Large Construction Appliances

Appliances might be left during the construction process, which can easily become a target for construction job site theft. You will need to monitor the residential construction site the most as losing the clients’ appliances will be the last thing a construction vendor would want.

Question: How To Take Care Of Appliances For Preventing Construction Theft?
Question: How To Take Care Of Appliances For Preventing Construction Theft?

Question: How To Take Care Of Appliances For Preventing Construction Theft?

Answer: Following are some tips that can help you prevent maximum appliance and equipment theft from your construction site:

A.   Keep the Appliances Out of Sight

One method of preventing construction thefts is store the appliances away after they have been used. It might be convenient to leave those items lying around for later use, but it is not more convenient than the assurance of them not being stolen, which will mess up the entire construction schedule.

B.   Lock the Heavy Appliances

Among the most effective strategies you can apply at the construction site is to lock all the heavy appliances. Some construction workers might forget or don’t bother to lock their trucks which results in a construction job site theft. It is essential to encourage them to always lock their vehicles to eliminate any potential thefts.

C.    Turn off the Appliance Circuit Breakers

A thief will not be able to steal a large appliance if they are not able to start it. That is why turning off the circuit breakers from the unit will make sure they won’t be getting any electric supply.

Question: How To Prevent Construction Job Site Theft?

Answer: Besides taking care of the appliances, there are other ways to prevent and reduce construction job site theft in RI:

a.    Hire Security Agents

One of the most efficient ways to prevent thefts is hiring experienced security personals, such as SecurityRI to watch over the construction site. These trained individuals will spend time making sure no one is able to intrude on the property with the only disadvantage of being a significant expense.

b.   Keep a Record

Keep a detailed record of the purchases of all equipment you have gathered for the construction site. The inventory might not be able to prevent thieves from stealing stuff, but it will help make the dishonest workers at the site think twice before stealing anything.

The records will also make it convenient to file a report to the police immediately, making it more difficult for the thief to sell the equipment later.

c.     Perform Double Checks

You might trust all your workers, but it won’t necessarily mean that all of them are deserving of your trust. Being able to perform a good background check (National BCI) on your employees will give you an in-depth insight into their previous citizen records enabling you to make better decisions when it comes to hiring.

d.   Eliminate Fuel Supply

One other effective way to keep the thieves away from your equipment is to eliminate all the fuel supply. You might be able to install a pump kill-switch present in the units, so it becomes difficult for them to fire them up when they try to take them away.

e.     Fence the Construction Site

Installing a solid fence around your construction job site will give an extra layer of security that will keep your machines and equipment safe. The fences will not keep everyone 100% away from the construction site, but they do act as a big obstacle, making it challenging for the thieves to steal any construction site supply.

Question: Why Is Installing A Video Surveillance Important For Preventing Construction Theft?
Question: Why Is Installing A Video Surveillance Important For Preventing Construction Theft?

Question: Why Is Installing A Video Surveillance Important For Preventing Construction Theft?

Answer: Preventative measures and ability to track someone in-case you receive a trespasser. Installing a video surveillance system is essential as these systems give a clear visual of the construction job site. Installing a security system notifies the security expertise whenever someone is trying to intrude on the construction site. This ensures that the property is well-monitored by professional and well-armed security guards who will take quick action when needed.

A video surveillance system designed for the location specifically will allow for consistent evaluation for the theft, accidents, and vandalism. A system with mobile video will give all advantages of an actual on-site security personnel and installing a security system, all in one strategic solution.

However, this is not the only way you can stop big construction site thefts. You will require a customized plan involving different techniques for security for a large site with physical security personals and or mobile patrols to ensure effective security conditions.

Question: How Can A Security Surveillance Expert Help You?
Question: How Can A Security Surveillance Expert Help You?

Question: How Can A Security Surveillance Expert Help You?

Answer: Having an ultimate answer to the security problems related to your construction job site can be a big challenge. This is because every construction site is different from another, depending on its size, importance, and security needs.

Combining the armed security and a video surveillance system will give you the best resources possible as your security company will be able to see most of the construction site using those video cameras. You can contact a mobile video surveillance system expert to design a customized and special security solution for preventing construction theft at your site. You can also hire one or more professional security agents who will be monitoring the site area in person. The system will protect you from possible construction site theft, accidents, and issues like vandalism.

However, you will need an experienced and reputable security company to ensure protection from all s of construction site thefts.

For a free and thorough security analysis for your construction site, please contact us here at SecurityRI:

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preventing copper theft in RI

Copper Theft | Preventing Copper Theft | Copper Theft and RI Businesses

Copper Theft

copper theft

Copper is so incredibly useful that millions of households around the world rely almost exclusively on copper wire to transfer power from one source to another, including automobile batteries and even outdoor lighting. In short, copper is everywhere and in need almost everywhere.

However, there is another side to the copper story.  As the price of copper has been rising, so have copper thefts.  Thieves know that if they can strip wiring out of a building, from a transformer, motor, or a vehicle, the copper within the wiring is a valuable commodity.

Question: Why are copper thefts in the United States on the rise?

 Answer: Copper is sometimes referred to as “Doctor Copper”, because it is the only metal with a Ph.D in economics.  Traditionally, because copper cabling is used in the construction, electronics, and automotive industries, it is a key bellwether of the economy; viewing a simple graph of copper prices can give you great insight into business conditions.  However, with the Federal Reserve printing $4T of money last year, and expected to print $4T or more in 2021 (with much of it for infrastructure – which copper is a key input to), the effect on Copper is not only via the stimulated economy; there is now the prospect of significant inflation, which is affecting copper prices, on top of the increased economic activity driving higher demand.  As a result, we expect over the next several years that copper theft will be on the increase, and companies will be on the lookout for ways to protect their copper cabling.

Copper theft is the theft of non-financial objects destined for use in communications or other electronics, made of metal. Since copper is a valuable metal, theft of it has become a business for transnational organized crime syndicates. Metal theft is also known in the black-market trade.

Question: How to Prevent Copper Cable Theft?

how to prevent copper cable theft

Answer: The way to prevent copper wire theft when working with these cables is to secure the job site against theft.  There are several approaches you can use to stop copper thieves, all involving physical security measures.

A. You can outsource to a security company such as SecurityRI. The professionals can station a security officer at the job site location, where the copper is held. This works for all locations, where a thief can access the wire. The security officer’s conduct random rounds of the location, to ensure they are monitoring the property and reducing any breaches.

B. Surveillance cameras can reduce copper theft by establishing a deterrent, while recording any breaches. Surveillance cameras are better used if your business or security company receives alerts. The alerts will assist with avoiding the theft, instead of dealing with the consequences.  Cameras are a great method of protecting copper in remote locations.

C. Access control – ensure your location has proper access control, therefore you can avoid any unwanted guests. Access control will work as a deterrent as well. When thieves know your property is guarded buy a security officer, surveillance cameras and access control – there’s a good chance the thief will target another location.

Learning how to prevent copper theft in an apartment, building, or business is something that should be taken very seriously. There are many cases of copper wire being stolen in many different ways. In some cases, criminals dig up old infrastructure or underground piping to gain access to wiring. While there is no way to stop copper theft completely, there are things that an owner can do to minimize his risk.

How to prevent the theft of copper wire begins with proper shielding and sealing. All wiring should be properly installed and run through safety test and maintenance. It is also a good idea to find an experienced electrician who has plenty of experience installing all types of wiring in both commercial and residential buildings. They should be licensed and bonded and have extensive knowledge of copper and its insulating properties.

Knowing how to prevent copper theft in an apartment or building goes beyond locking up your valuables and securing your property.

Many buildings have a policy regarding what type of lights and decorations are allowed in the common areas. If an apartment has a pool, security cameras may be installed. These cameras are great for monitoring security in an apartment complex or building, but they may not identify potential thieves. A security camera with a clear visor is the best option for identifying perpetrators of copper theft. Keeping these areas well lit is a good idea for property owners, because if the thief is wearing bright clothes or carrying a torch, it can confuse a surveillance camera.

One of the most common methods on how to prevent copper theft in an office building is through the installation of anti-theft devices. Often, security companies that track down perpetrators will check to see if these devices are installed properly. For instance, a burglar who tries to steal copper wiring will bypass a security company’s alarm, because they know that the alarm will not go off if the wiring is cut. It is therefore very important to check to make sure that all wires and cabling are connected properly.

An office that has multiple floors also has an increased risk of theft. Since there are more floor sections in a building, it becomes harder to prevent the crime from occurring. Security companies can install cameras and other items that will help to monitor the area. Keeping the area well lighted is important when trying to prevent this type of theft in an office setting.

Prevention is often the best form of defense against such crimes. If an office suspects that theft is happening, it should contact a security firm immediately. Copper is costly and the material is used for very high-end products in offices, so the temptation to take it could be very powerful. A good theft deterrent is a good prevention tool.

Question: How to Reduce Copper Theft?

how to reduce copper theft

Answer: How to reduce copper theft in piping comes down to prevention.

The first step to take when thinking about preventing copper theft in water is to think about who is responsible for maintenance. Some companies will fit replacement pipes, while some will just repair damaged piping.

When pipes are leaking, they should be repaired immediately to avoid further damage. In addition to this, any leaks that occur should be repaired right away – otherwise you run the risk of contaminating the surrounding water supply. Leaking copper piping can also affect the general condition of your water system. When you see copper running across the water mains or through the plumbing system, you should get people to bring the water back up to a normal state as quickly as possible.

When you are considering how to reduce copper theft in a water piping system, you need to think about the physical conditions around the system. For example, copper piping that is close to the ground will be more likely to be picked up and sold than those that are closer to the surface.

Question: What is Copper Theft?

Answer: Copper is one of the most widely used elements in modern industry. It is used in electronics, electric appliances, dental work, military equipment, and so on. The demand for copper is increasing as rapidly as other materials that have become valuable on the global market, like oil, gold, silver, platinum, and others.

Copper can be stolen from electric power lines. It can also be stolen through unplugging a device in order to gain access to its circuit board.

Question: Why Copper Theft is a Problem

why is copper theft a problem

Answer: It is a big problem because without copper wire, our modern world would be almost impossible. Communication is a big part of modern society. Without electricity, you would not have cell phones, computers, microwaves, or telephones.

Another reason why copper theft is a problem is that it hurts the economy. Copper is one of the most important minerals used in modern industry. Copper is used in everything from electronics to medicine to dentistry. In short, without copper, modern industry as we know it would not exist.

Inflation and Copper Prices

inflation and copper prices

It seems that the economic and political fallout from the global credit crisis will drive up copper and other metals, as well as fuel prices, which often lead to inflation and price increases. In a time when so many people are reeling from the effects of the recession, this can be very dangerous for the economy. With unemployment on the rise and consumers tightening their belts, it is important to remember that the price of essentials such as food, fuel and copper is necessary to provide a decent standard of living.

How does inflation factor into copper and other metals? Generally, inflation tends to take its toll on investment and trade. With increased costs, demand decreases, and the economy remains sluggish. As consumers tighten their belts and look for cheaper sources of energy and basic goods, the cost of essential items such as copper begins to increase. When the price of copper or other metals rises, this naturally drives up commodity prices as well.

Naturally, copper, and other metals are sold in large quantities during times of high inflation, such as today. The high prices of these metals act as an effective brake on new supply growth. Investors and traders try to ride out the inflation cycle by holding onto their investments. When the prices of copper or other commodities rise, they sell at higher prices, offsetting the higher inflation cost on those metals. Consequently, the overall effect on the prices of copper, iron, and other metals remain positive.

As you can see, there is a delicate balance that is required in determining the market price for copper. If the economy expands, then the cost of copper should go up. Conversely, if the economy contracts, then copper prices should fall. However, inflation, although important to the metal market, is not considered by investors in the same light as the stock market, real estate, or commodities.

Copper Thieves

copper thieves

When we talk about copper thieves and copper wire thieves we are talking about the same thing. These are the people who steal copper wire in order to sell it or to replace it. In this case they are also stealing the valuable metal and in fact, they are stealing from everyone. There have been instances of people being inadvertently killed by electrocution because they were stealing copper wire. The thieves do not only target copper wire, but they may try to steal any other metal including steel wire, brass wire, fiber optic wire and even telephone wire.

Question: How to Secure Copper From Theft?

how to secure copper from theft

Answer: If you own a business that has the need to secure copper wiring or have employees that handle this type of valuable metal, you know how difficult it can be to find out how to secure copper from theft. Most businesses and organizations have experienced enough loss and damage to know how serious it is when it comes to copper theft protection. However, there are some simple measures that you can take to reduce copper theft while avoiding the expensive and often-time unnecessary expense that this type of theft creates.

The most obvious step to take if you are wondering how to secure copper from theft is to install security measures. There are several ways to protect your assets, but not all of them are effective. For instance, you may want to install video surveillance equipment in and around the premises. This can provide proof to a potential thief that they will likely never see coming. Of course, if you are in a public building, such as a bank, you should consider the option of using an alarm system as well.

It is a good idea for how to secure copper from theft to find a company that can provide you with the best protection. For example, if you want to protect all of your property from theft then you should look for a company that offers a full protective service.

Finding a reputable security services company that can offer you how to secure copper from theft is important for protecting your valuable property. If you need to protect the wiring that runs across your entire building from damage and theft then you will want to choose a company that has experience in providing this type of security. Look for a company that offers protection from all forms of theft, not just copper theft.

For a free security analysis please contact us here at SecurityRI:

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Technology Security

The Future of Technology Security is Here

The threat landscape is changing. The digital revolution has transformed the world in a multitude of positive ways—but it has inadvertently created new threats. From Social Media and messaging platforms to remote work environments we are dealing with a new era of efficiency. Which is great for society in many ways, although the same technology carries over to the security threats.

Combating these threats requires intelligent applications that can rapidly sift through overwhelming amounts of data that cannot be processed at the human level. Recent developments in artificial intelligence and signals processing can help security catch up. As tools become more sophisticated and readily available, security organizations must adopt new practices and capabilities. Failure to transform will increase the likelihood of becoming a target.

Not only do you need the AI programs, but you also need the technicians who can analyze the data and make security decisions on execution.

Technology Mixed with Physical Security

Here at SecurityRI we believe technology should be part of physical security. Technology assist with the ways we interact, speed of our messaging, detecting trends, and reducing criminal activity.

The major piece is the data being collected to detect trends. We gather the information from the field officers, who report incidents and unusual activity. Data is entered into our security database and trends are detected to realign our securing staff.

Why Invest in Security? ROI

Security in general has many returns on its investment because you are reducing risk. Reducing risk of security breaches means less unnecessary funds spent in the future. Less funds spent on breaches = peace of mind.

Peace of mind, knowing your business is secure, employees are safer, and you are focusing on your business’s core competencies.

Methods of security you can invest in to ensure your security protocols are implemented correctly:

  1. Cyber Security – Computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security is the protection of computer systems and networks from information disclosure, theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.
  2. Security Guards / Patrol Team – Actual personnel stationed at your location. Ether during the day or overnight when your business is closed. Patrol can be added for an additional security presence factor. Visual, known security helps deter criminal activity.
  3. Physical Security – security measures that are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities,
    equipment, and resources and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm.
  4. Surveillance Cameras – monitoring of behavior, activities, or information for the purpose of information gathering, influencing, managing, or directing.

Back to when we talk about the future of security is here – we are talking about the integration of all the listed security measures. Having a team who strictly holds the keys to your location, that you can trust. Also. Leveraging between the different security sectors to ensure your people, property and assets are protected.

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Covid SecurityRI

How Can Security Assist During Covid-19?

Corona Virus has pushed the entire world down to its knees and has sparked chaos in businesses and economies worldwide. Since the medical sector is still struggling to find a cure, businesses have a narrow choice to either follow the safety protocols or fall prey to business interruptions.

Most businesses are struggling to follow the precautions issued by the health experts and the federal / local governments. The best way to avoid the heavy penalties imposed by the administration against the violations of these safety measures is to appoint security guards to help enforce them.

The security guard roles have evolved ever since the pandemic started. In this new scenario, a well-trained security team not only guards your business against a physical threat but can also assist in the health safety of your employees.

Wondering about the role of security during COVID-19? Let’s find out;

General Public Safety

It has been made clear by health officials that social distancing / masks are the only weapon against the spread of this deadly virus. Adhering to this precaution can get burdensome if there are many inflowing customers. However, a security guard role is paramount here.

Social Distancing

Hiring security guards during COVID-19 can take this burden off of your business. A security guard positioned at the entrance can control the flow of customers entering the store, ensuring proper social distancing inside the store.

Daily health checks are heavily recommended. A security guard stationed at the entrance will also take temperature checks and sanitize the customers entering the shop, organization, or a corporate building. A security team will also make sure that every visitor and employee is wearing a mask.

Making Proper Workplace Arrangements

All the employees in any organization have the right to reasonable seating. However, under the safety measures asking people to maintain social distancing and use a mask when interacting, seating your employees may become a hassle, especially with people with hearing disabilities or breathing difficulties. People with such health conditions may not be able to maintain social distancing or wear a mask throughout the day.

Looking out for such workers may not be possible for the managers themselves.

Security guards will be your ground force in such conditions. A security guard interacts with every employee from top-to-bottom level every day. They can help identify such employees and assist the organization make suitable arrangements for them, ensuring their corporation’s safety.

Guarding Health Care

Health care security teams have raised their bars by helping organizations and governments combat this pandemic onsite level. Security teams can be appointed, especially in the medical sectors, to cordon off the isolation zones. Security teams can also ensure safe passages for doctors and paramedical staff to-and-from the other isolation zones.

It is the responsibility of security guard placed inside the hospital to make sure that other patients or visitors do not come in contact with Covid-19 patients by patrolling those parts of the hospital. Alternate routes to transfer patients or paramedics within the hospital may also be required. Such a task can only be performed by a well-trained security team.

Implementing the SOPs

Even in such times, when Covid-19 has spread to every corner of the world, and around half a million people have fallen prey to this contagion, some people are still not ready to accept it and follow the essential SOPs.

Arguing with such people or forcing the standard procedures over them will only create a scene at your workplace, store, or corporate office. You definitely don’t want that!

A well-trained security team can take care of this and will put your mind at ease. A pair of security guards can be stationed at the entrance where every customer violating the SOPs can be stopped at the entrance. A security guard can provide face masks to visitors, and if one refuses to follow the necessary guidelines, security officers can turn them away without causing a scene as they are trained to handle such conditions smoothly.

Most people would put on a face mask just to enter the premises. Once they are in, they would make no delay in removing the mask or gloves. A patrolling security guard or a team (in large malls, retail stores, and large corporations) can keep a lookout for such violators.

This will not only keep your employees and visitors safe but will also make sure you’re compliant with the local authorities over violation of SOPs at your business location.

Suggest Improvements

Just like a marketing team knows how to sell a product, only a well-trained security team can put effective and proper safety protocols in place.

Security teams are trained to observe events as closely as possible. Therefore they know what works and what needs to be improved. Security will make recommendations to adjust or update the safety protocols.

For example, your security team can recommend to set up hand sanitizing stations for visitors at different places or to have floor markings at points where a crowd might get collected. A sharp lookout by security can help identify such loopholes and help a business improve its safety measures during Covid-19.

Ensuring a Safe Lockdown

It’s been almost a year since the pandemic started, and in many places, the lockdowns are still in place. Local authorities and businesses in many countries have started the practice of mobile security, where a team of security patrols the streets to ensure all the closed shops and stores remain safe from all kinds of burglary / vandalism.

SecurityRI Patrol Vehicle

These security guards also perform checks on shops and retail stores, ensuring their surveillance, locking panels, and other safety equipment is functioning properly. These checks are also carried out on fire alarm systems to ensure they will perform their job when needed.

Role of a Security Officer during COVID-19

In closing, the role of a security officer and proper security company is much needed. Not only when businesses are closed, although to assist with the spike in Covid-19 compliance.

The importance of security during COVID-19 is nonnegotiable. If you are a local or national business, a retail store, non-profit, etc. – please feel free to contact SecurityRI for security assistance during Covid-19.

We operate live, 24/7/365 and here to assist our fellow businesses in need.

Leadership team at SecurityRI

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