Security Guard Hiring

Proper Security Guard Screening

hire-meHiring a security guard company is an important decision for an organization to make.  When hiring a private security guard, many businesses decide to enter into a contractual agreement with a private security company.  A typical mistake organizations make when hiring a security guard through a private security company is that the organization tends to not care who the assigned security guard is.  The “as long as somebody is there” mentality is not an intelligent approach.  Before signing the contract, an organization should ensure that the private security company has a proper security guard screening procedure in order to ensure that qualified individuals are assigned to the site. (more…)

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Security Guard Training

The Importance of Effective Private Security Guard Training

There are some states that do not require security guards to be trained, such as Rhode Island.  However, just because the law does not have a specific requirement for security guard training does not mean that security guard training should not be completed.  Training private security guards is the responsibility of the private security company and should be done in order to maximize the overall performance of the private security guard.  Private security guard training is an expense worth paying because it will pay off for everybody in the future. (more…)

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