Access Control Systems – A Must Have for Security

access-controlAccording to the Department of Homeland Security, access control is integrated security technologies that helps prevent victimization through asset monitoring, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and restricted areas. Private security companies put heavy emphasis on access control because of its importance to complete security. Physical access control systems are necessary to protect assets and cyber access control systems are critical for protecting sensitive information. (more…)

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PC Security – Protecting Your Computer

pc securityThe personal computer, otherwise referred to as a “PC”, is the most common computer device in the world. Whether it is for personal use or commercial use, the PC has become the benchmark for providing optimal computer services. However, PC security is an undervalued element of computers today. PCs have weaknesses and vulnerabilities which hackers take advantage of, which negatively affects the innocent user. Take the time to ensure PC security is a priority for your computer system. (more…)

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Building a Secure Business

secure businessBuilding a business from scratch is a challenge for any entrepreneur. Constantly worrying about marketing, sales, and customer service is hard enough. Once your company is established, you have to begin to develop an overall secure business. A secure business should focus on the safety of people, assets, and property, both physically and digitally. In order to accomplish this goal, a to-be secure business should contract a private security company to provide complete security solutions, including cyber security and physical security. (more…)

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