sign 3Signs are everywhere, especially on the buildings and properties of business all across the nation. But there is one particular type of sign that too many companies are ignoring – the security warning sign. Security signs contain a warning notification meant for criminals which informs them that there is security present in the area.

Passive Security

Simple signs are the most efficient passive security feature. Passive security is when there are not any human security personnel present, but something other security measure is in place. Passive security is not monitored, and simply operates in the background. Security signs are the most efficient passive security strategy. A simple task of hanging a warning sign can help to prevent crime. It really is that simple.

Present Security

Present security strategies involve items or personnel which physically are present to play a role in deterring crime. Security signs are a silent form of present security. The sign is there to be read, and it should not go unnoticed by the potential offender. Make it simple and blatantly obvious that your business is secure, and that any attempt at a breach will end poorly for the offender.

Security Signs Deter Criminal Activity

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. Even the most simple security signs can deter criminal activity. Most companies will not have coverage 24/7/365. Just because the security personnel’s shift is over, does not mean that the security has stopped. Signs deter crime. Most general street criminals will seek easy targets. Signs help by not making your company look so easy to target.

sign 2A security sign is designed to acquire your attention and provide a warning. Whether this warning is quick and urgent or has a long message, the point is still driven home. The signs should be bright, and the font should be big. Clear, direct and simple warning signs are the most effective.

Criminals look for clues of a non-secure business. If your company does not have any security signs and there is not one uniformed security officer present, then there is no present security. Present security requires an item or a person to be present in order to deter crime. Less presence equivocates to less security. Don’t put your company at an unnecessary risk. Take the initiative and get some security warning signs.

Security Signs Saves Your Company Money

In order to increase safety, we need to increase personnel to protect us. This can become an expensive solution when looking to many large areas 24/7/365. Don’t get me wrong – the best private security services from a company that truly cares about your company’s need are worth having. But, many companies can’t afford 24/7/365 coverage. Get security signs to help deter additional threats, which could help reduce overall security expenses.