Why Active Security is the Key to Excellent Protection

Active Security

Security Officer performing an active security patrol.

We all know the old stereotype – security guards get paid to sleep at their stations and in their cars. This stereotype describes passive security. Passive security simply is not effective at maintaining safety and protecting assets, people, and property. The world needs active security. The best security services consist of active security officers constantly ensuring present and future safety. Private security is a massive field consisting of over one million security officers in the United States alone. Every single one of these security officers should practice active security strategies. (more…)

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School Security – The Need for Private Security Guards

SchoolSecuritySmallThere is nothing more important than keeping innocent children secure, providing children with a sense of safety, and giving parents peace of mind.  Students should feel safe in school and parents should feel assured that their children are safe.  The presence of a private security guard astronomically increases school security and deters potential dangerous activity.  Other than just school security, private security guards in an academic environment also serve as role models.  School security guards can assist in the movement to reduce and prevent bullying, which is a problem that has swept the nations’ school systems.  Having private security guards on site for school security is appropriate for both public and private institutions ranging from grade school to universities. (more…)

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