national securitySecurity is one of the world’s largest industries. From cyber security to physical security, private security companies play a large role in defending the homeland. Maintaining a high level of national security is not the sole responsibility of the United States’ federal government. It is also the responsibility of every private security company. The best private security companies have a passion for national security issues, and are willing to do their part.

Response to Threats

When threats are imminent to the United States, the Homeland Security Advisory System will update accordingly. This system is color coded based on the risk of such threats: Green is low risk; Blue is general risk; Yellow is significant risk; Orange is high risk; and Red is severe risk. When these levels change, different plans go into effect in the public sector law enforcement and security agencies. These plans can cost hundreds of millions of dollars in a short time frame.

For example; one week at an Orange (high risk) level of risk will cost the city of New York an additional $5,000,000 in maintaining that level of security. Private security companies feel disregarding during these situations because they can offer uniformed or undercover physical security services, armed or unarmed, for a lower cost per unit. In matters of national security, the more security personnel present, the greater the security will be. For the same price of one extra overtime police officer, two or three private security officers can be hired.

Raising Industry Leading Standards

In order to determine if security is effective, it must meet industry leading standards. However, industry leading standards can only last for so long, especially when we are talking about national security. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and The National Security Agency (NSA), spend millions of dollars each year trying to discover new industry leading standards. Private security companies can assist in this effort with thorough research.


Everybody knows that research is important. In matters involving national security, the United States’ departments and agencies cannot do all of the work. The private sector security industry is massive, and can provide substantial resources to be used to better national security. Everything from researching historical events to conducting experiments which simulate scenarios can be used to increase the national security knowledge pool. The private sector and the public sector can accomplish great things when they work together on advancing modern practices.

Final Thoughts

The best private security companies truly care about the overall safety of the public and their communities. National security starts within the communities. Private security can help in more ways than adding more manpower to protecting the public. Through thorough research and strategies, private security officers can help to ensure the future safety of our country. It is time to implement more trained private security personnel into national and state security strategies. The results could be well worthwhile.