cloud securityCloud security has emerged as a growing subcategory of cyber security services, network security services, and information technology (IT) security services. Essentially, cloud security focuses on protecting sensitive data, important applications, and critical infrastructure which businesses rely on every day. Cloud security services could be the difference between a secure or vulnerable business.

Cloud Security and Data Encryption

Encryption is the process in which data and/or information is encoded in such a manner that only authorized parties can successfully read it. Basically, if a cyber-attack was to occur and was to attack the cloud database, then the targeted credit card numbers, social security numbers, and ban account numbers would be unreadable to the hacker. The information is protected via a mathematical algorithm, and can only be read if it is decrypted. Decryption is an extremely difficult process for someone who is not authorized personnel. Hackers, more likely than not, will give up and move on to a more vulnerable target. Cloud security data encryption helps protect your business’ partners, employees, suppliers, and clients.

Cloud Security Backups and Business Continuity

Imagine the following situation: you are a business owner coming in to work to start a new month coming off of record sales. Business is booming and life is great, until you try to log into your computer to find that everything is gone. Then, several employees come forward and express that all of their information and data has been deleted as well. This is a quick way to freeze business operations, leading to a dramatic decrease of profits and an increase in stress. Business owners can ensure this will never happen to them by acquiring cloud security services. Cloud security backup assures that your data is recoverable and protected. Cloud-based data is highly secure and has industry leading encryption. Cloud backups are a great strategy to ensure business continuity.

Picking the Right Security Company

As a business owner or partner, the business’ sensitive data and employees’ personal information being leaked or stolen is your number one concern. If there was ever a digital security breach, then the results could be detrimental to business operations and profits. When deciding on cloud security services and other cyber security services, you want to make sure you pick a security company that is reliable and trustworthy.

As a client, it is your best interest to ask questions regarding the security company’s policies and practices. Ensure that all employees of the private security company perform background checks on all potential employees. Additionally, ask about whom specifically within the security company has the authority to view a business’ personal and sensitive data and information. If you are anxious or overly cautious, ask to schedule a meeting. A dependable and responsible security company will always put the needs of the client first.