CONTACT/S: 30 Exhibition -ACPIt is hard to believe that it has already been 15 years since the terrorist attacks of 9-11. What started out as a beautiful September morning quickly escalated into disaster. New York City, always full of life and activity, became filled with destruction and turmoil. The gorgeous late-season summer air hastily became filled with smoke, dust, and debris. America stopped breathing, but only for a moment.

We must not look at 9-11 as a negative. We must focus on the positives.

The United States of America showed its strength and resiliency. All of the brave men and women who responded to the incident deserve the highest of honors. When most people were running away from the disaster, they ran towards it, looking to save every life possible. Even when we were knocked down as a nation, we got right back up on our feet.

That is the American way.

If You See Something, Say Something

This statement cannot be said enough. It is every citizen’s moral responsibility to report suspicious activity. In our current day, it is always worth it to be on the safe side. If you see any suspicious activity or something that just does not look right, report it.

Stay Vigilant

We should all want to help contribute to public safety and keeping the community safe. Here are some tips to staying vigilant:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Pay attention to the people near you
  • If you see suspicious characters loitering, then call the authorities
  • Keep your head up and look around when walking

The Role of Private Security

We are all in this together. When we protect business complexes and other locations, we are always aware of the many dangers that threaten us. Beyond the petty thefts and violent robberies, there are terrorists who want to hurt us. We are here to protect you. We want to help.

We know that the police cannot always be there in the present moment. We want to help. The United States has the best police officers, and we are committed to helping them every step of the way in protecting the public from acts of terror.

9-11 changed private security services. We now train our security officers to be aware of all different types of threats, especially in our biggest cities, like Providence, with high population density. We are dedicated to doing our part every day to protect the people of our great country.

Final Thoughts

We will never forget what happened on the morning of 9-11. We will never forget all of the lives that were lost. We will never forget the amazing bravery, courage, and valor of all of the first responders. We will never forget those good Samaritans who selflessly helped others escape while risking their own lives.

We will never forget. We will always remember. We must work tirelessly to ensure that attacks like those on 9-11 never happen again.

Thank you to all who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank you to all who continue to fight for our freedom every day.

We are with you. America is with you.