Armed School GuardsThe number one priority in life is protecting it by creating a safe and secure environment.  Unfortunately, the United States of America is one of the most violent countries per capita.  Violent acts are often unpredictable and devastating.  In order to mitigate and prevent acts of violence, many inquire to private security guard companies regarding armed private security services. 

Contracting for armed private security with a security guard company is a common solution.  Clients are advised to seek further information regarding the armed private security guard’s training, certifications, and experiences.  Overall, properly implemented armed private security services can deter many forms of wrongful activity while mitigating activity which may still occur.


Every state has unique requirements for armed private security.  In the state of Rhode Island, armed private security guards must have the official license to carry issued by the Attorney General.  Such documentation should be provided by the private security guard company in order to prove that the assigned guards are legally qualified for and capable of armed private security services.  Additionally, clients should request to see copies of the documentation to keep on record.  A successful private security firm will offer such documentation during the informative presentation phase of the consultation.


Proper and frequent training is a necessity when it comes to handling a firearm.  What good is a certificate to carry a firearm if the security guard has not been practicing shooting?  Even though armed private security guards hope to never need to use the firearm, they must be properly prepared to effectively and efficiently eliminate the threat.  Although training can be expensive, successful private security companies will invest in the training in order to provide the best armed security services possible to their clients.

Private security firms who offer optimum armed private security services will provide their armed guards with ammunition.  If the ammunition is not used within a specified amount of time (which we hope is the case), then the armed private security guard will be required to go to a range and fire the remaining ammunition.  This strategy is used to help armed guard maintain their accuracy and general firearm skills while on the job long after their certification courses have taken place.  The private security company will then replenish all ammunition fired off for training purposes upon submission of the target which was fired at.

Proper armed private security training requires a variety of strategies.  Classroom training should be used to instruct the security guards about state laws, local ordinances, liability, and general firearm safety.  Onsite training should be used to familiarize the security guard with the environment which he or she will be providing armed security services for.  The more training, both in the class and onsite, the more safe and secure the jobsite will be.

Mitigation and Prevention

The mere presence of an armed private security guard can deter many wrongful activities from occurring.  However, not all conflicts and actions can be prevented because there will always be people who do not cooperate and are negligent.  If an imminent firearm threat occurs and an armed private security guard is nearby, then that violent situation has a high probability of being resolved quickly.  Police officers may take several minutes to reach the scene, making the role of armed private security guards extremely important in protecting innocent lives.