security-guard-salaryThe purpose of security guard services from private security companies is to secure and protect assets, people, and property.  It is important to ensure that the security guard services being provided are operating as efficiently as possible.  Strong security makes for a satisfied client who may rest easy knowing that his or her assets, people, and property are safe and secure.  Here are some tips on how to avoid poor security guard services.

Seek Effective Communication

The most efficient security guard firms will offer superior communication services.  Various forms of communication should be utilized including: e-mails, phone calls, and text messaging.  Additionally, guidelines should be established as to when each form of communication will be used.  This is to prevent a client from getting a phone call in the middle of the night due to less significant incidents such as a light bulb blew out or a railing is loose.  Finally, a security staff member should be available 24/7/365 in order to support the clients’ unique needs and inquiries.  Maintaining effective communication will enhance security guard services.

Verify Training of Security Guards

Many times, security guard services can be ruined by false marketing of training procedures.  All potential clients should verify that the security guards have received in-class training.  It would be wise to ask for a copy of the training manual as well.  Also, clients should request thorough on-site training in order to maximize the efficiency of the security guard services.  Finally, any potential clients should request copies of any and all licenses and certificates required by the state to practice private security.

Ask About On-Duty Security Supervisors

Having on-duty security supervisors help to optimize security guard services.  Like many other professions, if the boss isn’t present or watching, then the employee may be more tempted to slack off and be lazy.  On-duty security supervisors are not only an extra set of eyes and additional personnel for a client’s site, but they also keep the security guards in check.  Security supervisors will make sure that the guard is on time for the shift.  Random site visits by the security supervisors during a shift will prevent the guard from getting lazy because at any moment the boss could be watching.

Request Frequent Patrols

Failure to implement security patrols will result in tired, bored, and less alert security guards.  This will result in poor security guard services.  Security patrols, both on-foot and vehicle, keep the guards alert and aware.  By keeping the security guard active and awake with frequent patrols, overall safety is increased along with the effectiveness of the security guard services.  Finally, patrols ensure security through surveillance, which is comforting for clients with large properties and buildings.

Get to Know the Security Team

As a client, it is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with those who are sworn to protect your valuable assets and property.  Unless there are many lengthy shifts every week, it is likely that the same security guard will be assigned to a specific client.  Increasing the familiarity of a few security guards to one client’s site increases the effectiveness of the security guard services provided.  Also, security supervisors will visit a client’s site every shift at least once and even sometimes on off days to collect paperwork.  Getting to know the members of the private security team enhances both the business relationship between the client and the business providing the security guard services.