wolfeAlthough it is geographically the smallest state, Rhode Island (RI) is the home of just over one million people.  RI contains a plethora of small businesses with many large businesses located in the larger cities of Providence, Cranston, and Warwick.  Unfortunately, public resources being granted to local police departments has been scarce as of lately.  A lack of public resources to both deter and solve crimes emphasizes the importance of finding new methods to enhance RI security.  A private security company that can provide certified, trained, and local guards, supervisors, and management is a solution to the RI security problem.

“Small World” Locality

If you have ever lived in RI, it is inevitable that you meet a complete stranger who knows somebody that you also know.  Due to its great overall sense of locality, it highlights the importance of hiring local companies for services.  Local organizations tend to go above and beyond for their clients, who are also quite possibly neighbors and friends.  RI security strategies for organizations are best implemented when the businesses have close in-person relationships.  Every location in RI is slightly different, making it important to select the right local private security company for the job.

With private security companies, it is extremely beneficial to have local clients because there is a strong possibility that a security guard with prior knowledge of the client’s business can be assigned to that location.  Local private security companies get to really know the clients’ businesses which they serve, helping to advance RI security strategies.  The private security guards willing to protect your assets, people, and property help to comfort clients and employees during the day while properly securing the site 24/7/365.

Hire Certified and Trained Security Guards in Rhode Island

Currently, RI security law does not require that persons employed as private security guards to be licensed, certified, or trained for the position.  In fact, only the private security guard company has to obtain a license.  In order to improve upon RI security strategies, look for a private security firm that requires all security guards to be Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) certified.   Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training is critical to successful RI security operations because the state does not allow private security guards to make arrests or use physical force unless it is in means of self-defense.  Finally, with RI security encompassing a maritime aspect, security guards should be TWIC certified.  TWIC is a common identification credential for all personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas of Maritime Transportation Act regulated facilities and vessels, and all mariners holding Coast Guard-issued credentials.

The great benefit of RI is that it is geographically small which more easily allows commutes to a clients’ location for on-site training.  A successful private security firm will require on-site training by a supervisor along with intense monitoring of the newly appointed security guard for a probationary time period.  The security guards should get to know the clients’ business inside and out in order to enhance RI security operations altogether.  Additionally, with security guards living all over the small state, it is relatively easy for a private security company to call guards into the headquarters to go over classroom training, operational updates, and to discuss other RI security matters.