complete securitySecurity breaches happen every day all around the world. Experienced hackers continue to find the most vulnerable people and businesses to expose. Security breaches occur when there is a lack of strong and effective protection and potential for high reward. We have outlined the cyber criminal’s recipe for an ideal security breach.


Fact of the matter is that many computer and network systems are not safe. Computer systems and networks may unknowingly contain cyber vulnerabilities. Cyber vulnerabilities are security weaknesses of a computer or networking system. A company’s computer and network systems could have cyber vulnerabilities and they would most likely not know it. Cyber security services can help eliminate, prevent, and mitigate the damage from cyber vulnerabilities.

Lack of Encryption

Encryption is the process in which data and information are encoded in such a manner that only authorized parties can successfully read it. Basically, if a cyber-attack was to occur and was to attack the cloud database, then the targeted credit card numbers, social security numbers, and bank account numbers would be unreadable to the hacker. The information is protected via a mathematical algorithm, and can only be read if it is decrypted. Decryption is a difficult process for unauthorized personnel. Hackers, more likely than not, will give up and move on to a more vulnerable target.

Weak Protection

Weak protection from possible threats increases the chances of security breaches. If you do not update your computer software, then you may experience weak security protection. This increases the chances of security breaches occurring. Some people may wish to proceed with an unprotected system in order to avoid the costs of upgrading the computer or network. The older programs are easier to hack. If you are still using older programs, then it’s time to upgrade and update.

Personal Information

With just your name and address, somebody can open up a credit card account in your name. When armed with any more basic information, such as the last four digits of your Social Security number, a person could open a bank account in your name. Always do your best to secure personal information from being leaked. The best investment for preventing security breaches would be a shredder for physical items. Cyber security services can help keep your business safe from cyber security breaches.

Black Market Sales

Following security breaches, many hackers themselves will not directly use your personal information to start accounts in your name. For these hackers, they turn to the black market. This underground market contains many thousands of people waiting to purchase data and information belonging to somebody else. These individuals are willing to pay a high price for the information, which is how hackers make money. This high price also comes with a high risk for the offender. According to the U.S. Code, penalties include lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines.