ISIOnce an organization realizes that there is a need for asset and property protection, the company will look to contract with a private security firm.  When choosing a private security firm offering security guard services, there are several factors that should be taken into account prior to signing the contract.  Geographical location, efficient management, and proper preparation of security services are characteristics which define successful private security firms.


Fact of the matter is that private security firms provide more efficient security guard services when the business relationship is local in nature.  A local private security firm will be able to provide a face to face encounter when explaining the details regarding the security guard services to be provided.   Local private security firms are more likely to be familiar with the client’s geographic location.  Typically, local private security firms will be able to provide a security guard who is likely already familiar with the client’s site.  Hiring a local private security firm allows both the management and the executives to more easily communicate in-person with the client, leading to a more effective and positive business relationship.


A successful private security firm will have a strong management staff.  Usually, the optimal private security services are managed by both field managers and office managers.   The field managers are the direct supervisors to the security guards on site.  These field managers will ensure security services are being properly and ethically conducted by confirming that security guards have arrived on time and properly trained.  The field managers will forward any and all information to the office managers, who are responsible for maintaining efficient security operations, keeping all client information up to date, and scheduling shits for the security guards.  Effective communication between the field and office management staff leads to successful security services for the client.

Similar to the organizational foundation of most police departments, a private security firm should be a hierarchical format.  The benefit of a hierarchical format within a private security firm is the creation of a set-in-stone chain of command which provides structure and order within an agency.  The format allows each level of the hierarchy to be supervised by the level above.  A hierarchical foundation provides each level within the structure with a set of specific responsibilities.  Also, it establishes a clear route for communication within an agency which can be identified as either a top-down approach or a bottom-up approach.  The typical hierarchical format of a private security firm from bottom to top should be: security guards, field security managers, office security managers, and the Chief of Security.


Efficient private security firms will be prepared to provide the best possible security services.  Proper preparation starts with an informational in-person presentation provided to the client by the private security firm.  Next, the private security firm should prepare to optimize the security services being provided by actively seeking to learn how the client’s site operates.  Then, the private security firm should establish a communication system regarding the reporting of incidents to the client which occurs on site.  Finally, both in-class training and on-site training should be completed by the guards to be assigned to the client’s site.  When private security firms properly prepare the providing of security services, the client’s assets, people, and property will be safe, secure, and protected.