criminal justice blogCriminal justice has become one of the most popular fields of study for college students in the United States.  Many criminal justice undergraduate and graduate students pursue careers with local, state, and federal law enforcement and correctional departments and agencies.  Whether criminal justice students are interested in working for their hometown police department, a maximum security prison, or with the United States federal government, working as a private security officer can teach valuable lessons that can be utilized in the future.

Attention to Detail

Criminal justice students are taught that attention to detail is one of the most important qualities to bring to the table.  Being able to pay close attention to small details can lead to significant results in both law enforcement and private security.  For example, noticing that the lights near the cameras no longer work or footsteps in the dirt or snow leading to a window could lead to the discover of misconduct.  Regular citizens do not always pick up on these details, but criminal justice students are more aware of these scenarios.

Diffusion of Situations

Working as a private security guard, one may encounter circumstances in which tensions and potential risk of danger are high.  One must remain calm and neutral when helping to diffuse a situation, while also keeping in mind the protocol for calling for assistance and documentation.  These situations help to test the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the criminal justice student during conduction of private security services.  Criminal justice students are individuals who can remain calm in tense situations, giving them an advantage when diffusing potential dangerous situations.

Knowledge of the Legal System

Criminal justice students typically take courses relating the major three components of the criminal justice system: police; courts; and corrections.  As a private security guard, there are different legal responsibilities and rights than a public police officer.  These students are knowledgeable of such legal differences and are better equipped to act appropriately while on the job.

Report Writing

In any law enforcement or correctional position, well-written detailed reports are a requirement because the court may eventually need to review them.  The same is true for private security officers.  Both duty reports and incident reports must be properly written with correct spelling and grammar.  Attention to detail in the reports is important, especially when reports are requested for submission to either a criminal court or civil court.  College students are constantly writing formal documents, making them great candidates for drafting detailed reports.

Work Ethic

College students who receive a position which could help them formulate a career in the future are going to work hard to be the best that they can be.  Criminal justice students working as private security guards will remain alert, attentive, and aware at all times while on the job.  They remain ready to act in order to be able to prove themselves in situations which require addressing, an important skill to have in life.