istanbulDenver is the capital of Colorado that serves as the home to over 650,000 people. Like any other major city, the downtown areas contain popular tourist attractions and shopping centers. These areas suffer from crime and other reckless actions, which lowers public safety. Denver is leading the charge to increase overall public safety by implementing public security patrols by private security officers.

Why are Private Security Officers Patrolling Public Areas?

Why not? The police cannot be there all the time to prevent crimes. Private security officers are more eyes and ears on the ground for local law enforcement. It is up to legislatures how much power they wish to allow to private security on public property working under contract.

Private security officers are not just any “Joe Schmo” with a badge. Private security officers working public security details will need to have certifications and trainings. The best private security companies will make the investment and take the time to train their officers and guards.

What Powers will These Private Security Officers Have on Public Property?

This question should be answered on a case-by-case basis by the individual cities. If state legislature wants to be involved, then the state must carefully consider limiting private security powers on public grounds.

Each and every city has its own problems. Every specific location within the city is different as well. The executive representatives of each city should make the decision, alongside the Chief of Police, as to the powers of private security officers working public security details.

Armed vs Unarmed?

Again, this should be a case-by-case basis. And yet again, state and local officials need to carefully consider the definition of “armed” and “unarmed”.

Certain areas will require security armed with firearms. Other areas will require security to be armed with pepper spray only. Other areas may just need an extra set of eyes for the police.

Making the Case for Providence, Rhode Island

Providence needs the help of private security officers. The number of Providence police officials has decreased and their budget is too low to provide optimum public safety. Cost per private security officers is significantly less than a police officer. Providence could get between two and three private security officers for a comparable price of one police officer.

It is time for Providence, and perhaps other surrounding crime-stricken cities to follow suit. Invest in public security through the private sector security companies. This is a team effort between the public sector and the private sector. We need to make Rhode Island cities safe.


Public security needs the help of the private sector.

Think about all of the security risks we face as a nation today. Everything from terrorism and mass shootings to thefts and robberies are all public safety threats. The police cannot always be in these areas with higher crime rates. However, private security officers under contract can be.

It’s time we be smart and follow Denver’s lead. Our public deserves the best security.