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Cybersecurity can be defined as protective and security strategies applied to electronic devices and networks. Individuals who commit cybercrimes are responsible for billions of dollars of revenue lost in the private sector every year. These cyber criminals will typically target vulnerabilities in a business’ website, computer systems, networks, and mobile apps. A business’ suppliers and employees may also be personally attacked. Without modern and reliable cyber security services, a business is naturally at risk by presenting itself as an easy target.

Protect Personal and Sensitive Information

Personal and sensitive information is the most targeted source of data for cyber criminals. The personal information includes but is not limited to: full name, home address, date of birth, phone numbers, bank account numbers, credit and debit card numbers, PINs and passwords, and social security numbers. The reality is that it only takes seconds to steal, and a day or two for hackers to sell it on the black market. This information being sold could be yours if you are not protected with proper cybersecurity services.

Cyber Vulnerabilities

Cyber vulnerabilities can exist in computer systems and applications. The more computers and applications in total, the greater the risk is. The number of applications connected to the internet in computer systems ranges between a dozen and hundreds. It is important to remember to always keep internet computer applications up to date, especially applications which may contain personal information or other sensitive data.

Every Business is at Risk

It doesn’t matter if a company is as big as EBay, Amazon, or Target, or if a company is as small as the local pizza place. Fact of the matter is that all companies are at risk. The level of risk depends on numerous factors, such as the size of the business and whether or not cybersecurity services are active. Hackers are usually deterred by companies with a strong cybersecurity presence because it increases the chances of a failed cyber-attack. This tends to be why small businesses are targeted more often than larger businesses. No matter what size a business is, there are always affordable and efficient cybersecurity services that can be provided.

Do NOT be Cheap with Cybersecurity Services

Expensive over-the-counter software programs are often perceived as a good starting place for receiving basic protections. However, these programs can be easily overrun by a moderately skilled hacker. Investing in efficient cybersecurity services could be the best decision a business owner makes. Not all cybersecurity services cost an arm and a leg. Trusted private security companies will offer honest quotes for all levels of cybersecurity services. The greatest security companies will be able to develop a cybersecurity plan that best fits the client’s specific needs and budget requirements.

Have a Plan

Hackers have the power to completely disrupt an organization’s business operations, compromise confidential and sensitive information, and damage the relationships between the business and its clients. Without a comprehensive cybersecurity plan, a business remains at a high level of risk of the negative consequences of a successful cyber-attack. The plan should include a personnel assessment; an access control assessment; a risk assessment; a resources assessment; and tactical strategies. Team up with a security company to help implement a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.