emergency plumbingEmergencies happen every day. Often, an emergency occurs when it is least expected. Emergency security services can be difficult to acquire without the proper help. Only the best private security companies can provide efficient emergency security service to clients. In an emergency, there is not enough time for waiting to fill out contracts and create a plan. It requires everybody to think on their feet and act swiftly. This requires trust. Here are a few reasons why building that trust is critical to continuity.

No Time for Paperwork

In an emergency, you are not going to stop and say, “Hold on, let me put that in my computer, print it, and I’ll have you sign the dotted line.” Whether it is a medical emergency, an act of terrorism, or a natural disaster; actions need to be taken. Background paperwork should be done, but not before actions are being taken. Emergency security needs to be immediate. Local private security companies must be able to instantly help their community when it is in need.

Don’t get me wrong, there should be strict documentation of all actions taken by security personnel. However, failing to make available security personnel as resources for the community is negligent. The best private security companies strictly maintain an “On-call” list of security personnel who are aware that their phone may go off at any moment to work.

Access Control

After an emergency begins occurring, regardless of its scale, protecting the physical area which it took place is critical. Police officers can only do so much, especially in smaller towns and cities where resources are limited for overtime pay. Private security officers should be trained on providing access control as part of emergency security services.

Access control is important to preserving evidence and keeping the affected area clear of looters and other criminals. Additionally, it must be ensured that officially authorized personnel are the only ones allowed into certain areas. This is simple access control service. Private security does this 24/7/365. Police officers do not need to do every security detail at the high cost of taxpayers. Instead, we can get two professionally trained and certified private security officers for the same price.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency

Under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) oversees major disasters which require more resources than the state’s emergency management department can provide. FEMA has recognized that private security emergency security services can greatly assist in the response and recovery of disasters. FEMA has left that discretion up to the directors of emergency management.

Save Money

Everybody loves to save money. Natural disasters can cost hundreds of millions of dollars in resources. For example, property damage alone for Hurricane Katrina was estimated at $108 billion. Yes that’s billion, with a “B”. This figure does not include the cost of personnel. Imagine how much overtime was paid to public employees. Public employee security detailing jobs can cost between $40 and $60 per hour. Emergency security services from a private security company are half of that price. A private security company’s emergency security services can help save taxpayers while providing excellent service to the community.