selectionSecurity guard services are too often selected as a commodity, based solely on price. The fact of the matter is that businesses should carefully consider multiple important factors beyond price when choosing a supplier.  Consider a security guard company that takes security seriously and has a positive reputation in both the industry and community.  Do not settle for a security guard company that thinks all you need is a “warm body” in place.

Inquire about the security guard company’s licenses by verifying that they are all valid and up to date.  Additionally, verify the security guard company’s insurances by requesting a Certificate of Insurance.  Finally, make sure to check the security guard company’s liability levels, which should be at least a $5 million dollar aggregate.

Look for a security guard company that supports its staff and clients with a fully operational, 24/7/365 communications center. The management team and security supervisors should always be available to you as well as the in-field security guards.

Consider the local office management and staff, including their professional backgrounds and job duties. A low supervisor to security guard ratio is important. Look for a security guard company who deploys supervisors to make scheduled and/or unannounced job site visits.  Not only should the supervisors check on the security guards, but they should also make sure the post orders are being implemented correctly in order to ensure that the client is receiving the best possible services.

Look to see what resilience plans the security guard companies have in place to handle emergencies.  These actions are taken by an organization to ensure that critical business functions will be available to customers, suppliers, regulators and other entities that must have access to those functions.  Ask for a copy of their Business Continuity plan.

In summary security continues to be a growing concern. The selection of a security guard company should be taken very seriously.