movie securityAlthough there has been a significant rise of internet movie streaming, a movie theater is still an enjoyable place for a relaxing entertainment experience with friends and family. For the most part, these movie theaters are relatively safe environments. However, security breaches still exist within the movie theater environment, which can be solved with movie security services. Movie security services can be either permanent or temporary. The individual needs of each movie theater can be accommodated with the proper private movie security team.

Detection of Violations

Violations of movie theater safety and security policies occur every day. Whether there is a couple engaging in sexual intercourse in the back row or an individual smoking inside the theater, many of these violations are going unchecked. Typically, movie theaters hire employees to do security checks; however, these employees are usually younger individuals without the proper movie security knowledge or experience on how to handle such situations. A private security company is better equipped to providing top notch movie security services. Private security services will also introduce better report writing and incident control due to intense training done at headquarters.


Typically, movie theaters are busier during the weekends than during the weekdays. With a greater number of customers in one location comes an increased risk of possibly experiencing security breaches. Lines become longer, people become more easily irritated, and frustration could set off a negative situation during the showing of the movie in the theater. Movie security services keep movie theaters safe and secure on the weekends.

New Releases

New movies are always being released. Some of these movie releases are popular enough to sell out for weeks all over the country, such as the 7th installment of the Fast and the Furious film in the series or The Hobbit series. These high level movie releases typically draw large crowds, especially on the night of the movie’s release. Midnight movie releases will create large gatherings of people for hours before the movie is actually released, which increases the risk of a safety and security violation. Movie staff personnel are not equipped with the movie security knowledge and skills that a private security company offers. Contracting movie security services can help, even for temporary high level movie releases, are guaranteed to keep your movie theater safe and secure.

Movie Pirates

Perhaps the largest problem in movie theaters are people who illegal record, or pirate. These movie pirates will then later illegally sell the movie or upload it to the internet for others to view for free. These acts are highly illegal and negatively affect the movie industry. Movie security services offer the ability to prevent people from illegally pirating movies. With systematic patrols and undercover staff, movie pirates can be properly confronted and arrested by the local police department.