network securityIn the highly technological age in which we live, modern businesses are dependent on their networks functioning properly to ensure business continuity. Digital assets have evolved into business critical infrastructure. Business owners have most likely heard different myths criticizing network security, but the facts show the importance of solidifying an organizations network security structure. Small businesses have become a recent focus for hackers because most of them are not prepared with proper network security strategies. In an era filled with constantly advancing technology, it is important not to fall behind in the battle for digital security.

Myth: “I have virus protection software, so I am already secure”

Fact: Viruses and network security threats are inherently different. General anti-virus software will not protect you from the 10,000+ network security threats that have been identified.

Myth: “I have a firewall, so I don’t need to worry about security threats.” 
Fact: Firewalls are great and typically provide a good layer of security. However, firewalls commonly perform services such as port forwarding or Network Address Translation (NAT). It is also surprisingly common for firewalls to be accidentally misconfigured. The only way to be sure that a network is secure is to protect it with network security services.

Myth: “I have nothing to worry about because there are too many computers on the Internet.”
Fact: People understand the need to lock their homes, roll up their car windows, and guard their purses and wallets. If these precautions are not taken, it increases the risk of becoming a victim. People are just starting to be aware that the same is true with their computers and networks. A single hacker can scan thousands of computers looking for ways to access your private information in the time it takes you to eat lunch. Network security is vital to protecting sensitive information to maintain business operations.

Myth: “I know what is running on my computer, and I am sure that it is secure.”
Fact: Threats could exist in an operating system, the software a business runs, a router/firewall, or any other system running on a computer or network. Network security services are the only successful strategy to ensuring that a business’ digital assets are truly safe and secure.

Myth: “I tested my network a few months ago, so I know it is secure.”      
Fact: New network security threats and vulnerabilities are discovered daily. It is estimated that threats generally grow between 5 and 10 new network security threats every week. It is possible that nearly 100 new network security threats can be created in a single month. Just because a business’ network setup did not have any vulnerabilities this month, does not mean it will still be secure next month – even if you didn’t change anything. It is good practice to regularly evaluate network security.