new yearIt’s almost 2017, which means it is time for New Year’s resolutions. A great resolution for a business is to ensure safer workplaces for employees. The workplace can present many dangers. People need to feel safe when they go to work. Employees need to feel safe in their person, and when using technology and the internet. Private security services protect and secure the workplace from unauthorized entrances, cyber security breaches, and workplace violence.

A Safe Workplace for Employees

Private security guards, supervisors, and managers are trained in to recognize potentially hazardous workplace situations ahead of time. Keeping the client involved is important when providing the best security. In order to ensure a safe workplace, private security personnel report directly to the client.

Private security can also serve as a safety liaison between the employees and the employer. With the ability to directly contact the client and also the local police, private security is trained and ready to secure the workplace while helping employees to feel safe.

An important workplace safety and security concern regards violent acts. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has published several documents aimed at helping employers prevent and mitigate violent situations at work. The FBI’s recommendation is that all companies should be actively monitored. Hiring private security for cyber and physical security services is the solution.

A Safe Workplace for Assets and Property

When establishing a safe workplace, think about the assets, property, and critical infrastructure. Whether it is a warehouse full of expensive materials or a server room, consider one or more of the many security strategies that private security companies offer.

The presence of a private security guard helps prevent loss of assets and property damage through physical deterrence. Access control is a great addition because it prevents unauthorized personnel from entering a designated area. Security cameras are a useful strategy as well. Combine all three for maximum security, and create a highly protected and safer workplace.

A Safe Workplace and Business Continuity

Continuity of operations is the ability to keep a business going day in and day out. A lack of digital and physical security representation increases the risk of operations failure due to victimization.

Imagine if upon walking in the front door on a Monday morning, all of the computers, servers, and files are gone. Or, what if a cyber-attacker crashes your networks and servers and steals all of your personal information and resources? How will the business continue that day, or even that week?

Final Thoughts

People need to be safe, whether that is digitally or physically. Employees need to know that they are safe at work. Put employee safety and security first.

Make it your company’s New Year’s resolution to help make America’s companies safe again. Take the steps towards the most important of your New Year’s resolutions, and ensure a safe workplace with the help of private security services.

Happy New Year!