Best Practices for Cyber Security in 2017


Many individuals believe in cyber security practice, although some people do not see the threats.  Why worry about something major if it never happened to you?

Well, statistics prove how damaging cyber threats are and how they can cripple your organization.  Please take note – not all cyber protection cost money.  If you believe in proper protocol and follow through with simple updates, you may protect yourself and others from future threats.

Here you will find a few simple preventative strategies

Never Click on Links in E-mails

Many companies have messaging alerts within their sites, they will not send a link within an e-mail.  If you receive an e-mail asking to log-in, make sure you call the company to confirm OR login directly from the site.

Never Open the Attachments

Retailers do not send e-mails / promotions with attachments.  Disregard the attachments – do not risk “opening” and infecting your computer.

Set Secure Passwords and Do Not Share Them with Anyone

Avoid using common words, phrases and or personal information.  Most of all, ensure you update your passwords regularly.

For E-mail

If you have automatic attachment downloads, ensure it’s “shut off”

Anti-Virus / Updates

If you have anti-virus installed, you have to make sure you’re staying committed with your updates.  Do not ignore updates, they ensure your computer or software is up-to-date and preventing cyber breaches.

Pay Attention to Website URLs

Understand “domain names”.  This is what you should see in your browser’s location bar, although you may need to click in the bar to make it completely readable.  When clicked, you should know the exact company / page you’re viewing.

As a result, proper cyber hygiene will keep your organization clean while reducing cyber breaches.  As IT professionals we know you cannot become an expert overnight.  Therefore, if you still have doubts our company is here to assist.  Feel free to contact us through our website, social media or chat!

Thank you and Be Safe –