policeIn light of recent events which have occurred in the United States, it is important to remember those brave men and women who wake up every day to protect us. Police officers do not receive nearly enough credit for all of their hard work and dedication to public safety. The men and women who wear that uniform deserve the utmost respect. Security officers and other professional private security personnel proudly support law enforcement.

Total Public and Private Security

Public Safety

At the end of the day, the most important factor is public safety. If the public is at a risk of safety, then the police respond accordingly. There are no second thoughts. Law enforcement will respond to a call with one goal in mind – keep people safe and out of harm’s way. Security officers do the same, within their privatized limitations of course.

Asset Protection

Much like private security personnel protect their clients’ assets and property, police officers protect the public’s assets and property. Police officers also help to maintain safety for private companies simply by being present and responsive. Law enforcement and private security work together to help keep businesses and properties safe from mischief and criminal activity.


Private security officers need police officers in order to provide the ultimate security for clients. Without a close relationship with local law enforcement officials, private security services suffer. It is crucially important for private security personnel to work closely with local law enforcement officials to help keep areas safe and secure.


The ability for private security officers and managers to effectively communicate with local law enforcement is crucial to public safety. This communication between the security officers and the police officers needs to be clear and swift. The better the communication, the better the security, which provides better overall safety for the community.

Police officers and security personnel must collaborate on local crime hot spots. This will allow both organizations to better protect the public and private assets and properties. Quick and effective communication regarding local crime is the key to achieving optimum security.

Final Thoughts

Recently, there have been horrifying events which have transpired which have resulted in terrible circumstances and outcomes for law enforcement. The recent events in Dallas, Texas serves as just one of these many unfortunate situations. The personnel of the DPD, like all other departments in the United States, selflessly and tirelessly work around the clock 24/7/365 to keep us safe.

If you see a local police officer, thank him or her for their public service. It is the least one can do. These brave men and women deserve it all and more. SecurityRI cannot express enough gratitude for all of the outstanding police officers working 24/7/365 to keep us all protected, safe, and secure from criminals.

Police officers are silent heroes. Much of the platform for private security originated from law enforcement. Security officers everywhere stand with all law enforcement in support. Thank you to all of the excellent police officers.