beach securityRhode Island, better known as “The Ocean State”, has hundreds of public and private beaches throughout the state.  Whether it’s your friend’s backyard or the local town’s public beach, people swarm these areas when the weather is warm to swim, play volleyball, tan, relax, and enjoy the sound of the crashing waves onto the shore.  Unfortunately, many private beach owners are regularly plagued by trespassers performing many illegal activities on their property.  Regarding private beach security, it is the responsibility of the property owners to call the local police department when people are trespassing on the property.  Hiring a security guard to provide private beach security services in Rhode Island can deter beachgoers from trespassing on private property.

Public Beach Security vs. Private Beach Security

A public beach is located on property which is owned by the city or town that the beach is located in.  Therefore, the local police department has direct authority and jurisdiction over the public beaches.  Many Rhode Island cities and towns, such as Narragansett and South Kingstown, will hire public safety officers on a temporary basis to help maintain security at the public beaches.  These officers have the authority to detain and arrest you for violating any crime which is illegal on public property, such as public intoxication.

A private beach is located on property which is owned by an individual or a group of individuals.  The owners of the private beach and individuals that the owners permit to use the property are the only individuals allowed on the property.  The owners are responsible for their own private beach security because local police officers do not enter private property without permission or probable cause that a crime has or is being committed.  Many beachgoers seek private beaches in order to avoid both paying parking fees and the tight spacing that occurs during peak hours.  The public is aware of the alcohol prohibition at most public beaches, and some individuals will attempt to drink on private beaches to avoid detection of the public safety officers.

Private Beaches – Liability and Responsibility

Private beach security is extremely important because the owners of the property are both liable and responsible for anything that happens within the property’s boundaries, whether they are present or not.  The property owners can be held criminally responsible and civilly liable for any illegal and wrongful actions that trespassers commit.  Private beach security guards have both the local police department and the client on speed dial, and they also have the ability to provide physical details of the wrongdoers.  Private beaches are meant to be enjoyed, don’t let other individuals have the opportunity to break laws and violate your privacy!

Private beach security services contracted through a private security company is the most effective and efficient strategy for protecting private beach property.  Having private beach security guards also gives the property owners peace of mind by ensuring a protected and safe environment.  Hiring private beach security does not have to be an individual effort.  Neighbors who also have private beaches to protect will also benefit from the security services.  When neighbors work together to acquire private beach security services, trespassing will be successfully deterred and peace of mind will ensue.