Security GuardsWhy Should I Consider Night Watchman Security Services in RI?

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Uniform Crime Reports and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), the majority of crime in the United States occurs when the sun is set.  The camouflaging darkness of the nighttime increases the probability that criminal activity will occur.  With crime rates increasing everywhere after dusk, it calls for private night watchman security services as a solution.  A night watchman security guard from a private security company provides an educated, trained, and authorized surveillance procedure for your assets, home, property, and community.  Whether it is for your business, home, or residential complex, a night watchman security guard can successfully help to deter crime.

The Police Cannot Do Everything

The local police department wants to do everything it can to keep the public crime free and safe, but fact of the matter is there just are not enough police officers.  Additionally, there are insufficient public funds to hire more police officers in most jurisdictions.  There are more than two private security guards for every one police officer in the United States and that number continues to rise.  Furthermore, police officers are not likely to just drive in or watch over private property without a good reason to do so.  Private security companies are the optimal choice for ensuring efficient night watchman security services.  Observing and reporting everything from broken stairs to a criminal act in progress, night watchman security guards do it all.

The “Good Neighborhood” Myth

There are many people who look for a “good neighborhood” when searching to purchase a home or a location for a business.  Although some neighborhoods may statistically have lower rates of crimes than others, that does not necessarily mean those geographic areas are any safer.  The truth is, any location can be unsafe at any time.  The only way to prevent criminal activity is a deterring factor.  Whether the guard is armed or unarmed, private night watchman security services deter criminal activity.

Criminals may seek these “good neighborhoods” to commit the crimes because there is likely to be less police patrol due to lower crime rates.  Spatial crime displacement is when police place more personnel and attention in a high crime area which results in the crime to spread to other geographic locations in the surroundings.  Naturally, the “good neighborhood” becomes the new target for criminal wrongdoing.  Therefore, hiring night watchman security guards ensures that a neighborhood is safe and secure.

The Price is Right

Whether you are a single party or a group of neighbors, hiring private night watchman security services is an intelligent investment.  With the ability to deter crime, night watchman security guards can prevent arson, burglaries, larcenies, and robbery with their presence alone.  Successfully preventing costly crimes helps the night watchman security services to pay for itself while simultaneously increasing safety.  Additionally, many insurance firms, especially fire insurance companies, offer discounted rates for those who have private security watching over a building.  With so many private security guard companies, competitive rates will be easy to find and a successful and trustworthy security company will always be willing to negotiate.  At the end of the day, there is no price that can be put on the value and comfort of safety.