wedding securityIf you or a group of people are planning on hosting a large private party in Rhode Island, then you may want to consider private party security services offered by a security guard company.  Regardless of where the party is located, there are bound to be both individuals and groups of people who attempt to attend the party.  Persons who are not invited to a party should not be able to attend.  More times than not, these people are attending the party for the wrong reasons, such as: obtaining free food and beverages and committing thefts and larcenies.  Hiring private party security services from a private security firm can help keep your party under control, assets protected, people safe, and property secure.

Prevent Unwanted Guests from Entering

At your party, you and your fellow partygoers don’t want to have to watch the door all day and night.  They want to enjoy the festivities.  Many times, the entrance to a party is left unattended, which allows unwelcome persons the opportunity to enter the property.  This situation is dangerous for all attending the party because usually unwelcome partygoers are attending for the wrong reasons, not to just have fun.  For example, an angry ex-boyfriend/husband may have overheard about the party his former girlfriend/wife will be attending with another man.  This could lead to strong verbal arguments which could escalate to the use of physical violence, including aggravated assault, battery, and even homicide.

More commonly, unwelcome and uninvited persons will seek to attend a party in order to personally benefit in some way.  Whether it’s to obtain free food and drinks or to commit thefts, there is usually a reason why these persons attend an unprotected private party.  These people will blend in with the crowd and often go unnoticed.  However, private party security guards are trained to handle these situations.  Private party security services from a security company can prevent unwanted and uninvited guests from corrupting the party by simply keeping a guest list of who is allowed to attend, securing the property, and communicating effectively with the host and/or hostess of the party.

Protect Your Stuff

When hosting a party, a significant risk one takes is that assets can be unlawfully taken.  When this type of theft occurs, it is very difficult to figure out who the culprit is.  Alcohol, food, coats, wallets, purses, jewelry, electronics, vases, and other housing decorations are the most commonly stolen items.  Private party security guards are an extra set of eyes trained to observe and report any suspicious activity.  Not only does the private party security team report to the host/hostess, but they also report to their supervisors and, if necessary, the local police department.

The mere presence of a private party security guard will deter wrongdoings from both uninvited persons and also invited persons.  Just because somebody was invited and you know them personally doesn’t mean they won’t steal from you.  However, if that person thinks that they may be being watched by private party security, then typically that individual will choose to avoid the embarrassment and potential criminal charges.


Private party security teams increase the overall safety of a party.  Knowing that a sober, responsive, certified, and trained security official is readily available to offer assistance, it can help the partygoers to feel more at ease.  There is nothing more important than safety.  Safety is especially important when hosting a party which you are liable for each and every person, invited or uninvited, who is located on the property.  Parties can be expensive to host, adding on liability for injuries can cause serious financial instability for many people.  It is better to be safe than to be sorry.