security detailsWith terrorism and mass shootings on the rise, there is a greater need for increased security presence in public spaces. Fact of the matter is that police officers cannot be there 24/7/365 at every private business complex to protect you. Police need time to respond to an incident. This time between the incidents starting and the police arriving are critical moments of public safety. Private security details in public locations are a solution we need to talk about.

Large Private Business Complexes are Public Locations

Look at the places you go most often – the mall, the movie theater, the bar, the grocery store, and the car dealership. There are private business complexes all over the country that put their customers and public safety at risk by not prioritizing private security details, making them soft targets.

With all of the recent unfortunate and violent mass shootings and acts of terror; it should ring with business owners everywhere to start looking into private security details as a solution.

Let’s Talk About Money

The best private security details are not cheap, and are worth the investment. Think about it this way – if you have a business complex with 10 businesses that share one large property, then each business only needs to pay 10% of the cost if all parties chip in. Now, instead of hiring a team of private security officers for $40 per hour, everybody can be safe for $4 per hour.

This makes the business complexes with CVS, Market Basket, Wal-Mart, and various other stores exponentially safer and more secure.

Listen, we get it – private security details aren’t cheap, especially if they are needed 24/7/365. However, it really speaks to your customer base and public safety if you prioritize their safety.

Application of Private Security in Public Locations

Let’s take Chicago as an example. Chicago’s two most popular neighborhoods for boutiques, retail chains, and expensive dining have seen an increase in crime. These areas need to be protected, and the police cannot keep up. It is time for a change.

The city of Chicago is working on a project that will place private security officers at public locations on public roads. These security officers would have limited arresting powers and some will be authorized to carry and conceal firearms. The budget is being formulated from property taxes of businesses in the neighborhoods and communities in the area.

This is a brilliant idea that will lead to increased public safety and protection for all. Customers will feel more comfortable in these neighborhoods, which could help increase business as well. Chicago is taking the proper steps to increasing public safety – will your city be next?

Final Thoughts

Private security details belong in public settings. Public settings are not limited to public property. Large private business complexes with a large amount of people are public settings. These areas need protection and security.

Do it for your clients. Do it for your business. Do it for your community.

Do it for public safety.