patrolSecurity patrols are the foundation of effective private security operations.  Conducting effective security patrols is important because it allows the guards to optimize the protective services to the client’s site.  A private security company will educate the security guards on the importance of conducting security patrols at a client’s site both in the classroom and in the field.  The security supervisors provide both general and specific training sessions regarding security patrols.  Private security guard companies typically utilize two different types of security patrols.

The first type of security patrol is foot patrol.  Security patrols conducted on foot are extremely important when protecting a client’s assets, property, and people.  When security guards are actively walking through a client’s site, it allows the guards to discover potential breaches of security.  Security breaches include flooding, open windows, unlocked doors, jammed doors, damaged property, and evidence of trespassing.  Additionally, many small details regarding the client’s site can be recorded by the security guard such as icy walkways, blown out light bulbs, and broken railings or staircases.  Security guards also use flashlights to look inside of buildings to ensure that nothing has been improperly tampered with.  Finally, on-foot security patrols allow the guard to enter the client’s building to confirm that third-party sources, such as night cleaning crews, are behaving both ethically and lawfully.

The second type of security patrol is vehicle patrol.  Vehicle security patrols allow the guard to cover a large amount of ground in a short period of time.  This type of patrol is extremely beneficial when the client has a rather large property which needs to be protected and secured.  On a large property, it is almost useless to have the security guard engage in foot security patrols because it would take a very long time to walk the entire distance of the property.  On-foot security patrols on a large property are a security breach because much of the property can go unprotected while other portions of the property are being patrolled.  Vehicle security patrols not only provide greater mobility, but they also provide great lighting which is especially beneficial during the night security shifts.  Security guards on site with a vehicle may use the headlights and high-beam lights in order to shine a spotlight onto an area to look for signs of trespassing or misconduct.  If the vehicle has a flashing light on the roof as well, it can help act as a deterrent for wrongful activity because the vehicle will easily be recognized as a security vehicle.

Security patrols, both on-foot and vehicle, are used as a security strategy to deter potential wrongful and criminal activity which may occur at a client’s site.  If a possible offender observes a security guard remaining stationary for an extended period of time, then the offender will focus on committing the wrongful act on another part of the property which may not be under watch.  By implementing a security patrol strategy, the security guards remain on the move while constantly checking up on all locations within the client’s property.  This method of patrol further deters any wrongful activity from occurring.

Finally, security patrols keep security guards alert and aware throughout the duration of his or her shifts.  If a security guard is required to remain in one specific location for the entire shift, then the guard may become fatigued, bored, and less alert.  Implementing a security patrols strategy keeps the security guard active and awake which increases the overall safety of the client’s site as well as the safety of the guard.